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The Sequestration Diary - Conclusion

Updated on November 2, 2013

The Furlough Was Short

The length of the furlough during the federal sequestration of 2013 was shorter than originally scheduled. It was supposed to last 22 weeks with one day off a week without pay for DoD (Department of Defense) federal workers. Before the furlough went into actual effect, it was reduced to 11 days/ with one day off a week without pay. Once on the furlough schedule, it was reduced to six days/six weeks. So in essence, it was only six weeks.

Initially I sought part-time employment - figuring one furlough day a week and an additional vacation day taken the same week resulting in potentially being able to work four days a week to include weekends. Working potentially seven days a week for 22 weeks was acceptable. Once the furlough was reduced to 11 weeks, I stopped applying for jobs - figured the duration was too short to interest an employer. During the six weeks in which the furlough was actually in effect I still took one vacation day a week - resulting in three workdays a week. I figured work productivity at the office during the furlough weeks would be poor overall as people took different days off for their furlough day, so why not take two? Taking that vacation day once a week also reduced my fuel bill for a 45 mile commute. Working three days a week was the closest thing I've ever come to retirement.

Overall, I found myself idle and uncomfortable. Fortunately it was summer and fly sales from E-Bay and my online store were strong. E-Bay had a listing promotion that allowed me to list more flies. Indeed, fly sales this summer increased about 10 percent, perhaps part of the increase was due to efforts during the furlough. I also wrote more hub articles and made more fly tying videos for YouTube during the furlough. Still, there was a fair amount of down time in which I became restless. Of course I fished more than usual. Still, it made me realize that I will probably end up working part-time for most of my retirement or I will have to really get creative to turn my interests into a full time business.


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