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The Specifics of Depression Coaching

Updated on July 16, 2015

Depression Coaching

Depression coaching is one of the newer coaching niches on the block. It is not meant to replace therapy – most people suffering from severe depression need to see a psychiatrist or therapist. Depression coaching is meant as a supplement to therapy, or for people who are merely confronting mild forms of the disease.

Studies have shown that more people are depressed now than twenty years ago. Sounds like there might be a need for more depression coaches.

What is Depression?

Most people have felt sad or somewhat depressed at different times in their lives. Feeling depressed is normal – a normal reaction to loss, self-esteem issues, or life's struggles. However, when these feelings of sadness become intense and linger for days, weeks, or months, this is not a normal reaction to the vicissitudes of life. When someone feels worthless, helpless, and hopeless, depression has set in.

Coaching Instead of Drugs

Without a doubt, there are some people who need proper medication to maintain good mental health. However, for people who elect to say no to antidepressants, there is an alternative.

Depression coaching is that alternative. Depression coaches are becoming more in demand as people struggle to cope with our fast-paced, highly competitive society. Drugs are prescribed for almost everything in our society, but there is a dark side to drugs – dependency, illness, and even death. Perhaps we should take a second look at our reliance on drugs to cure all our ills.

For many people, especially those with milder forms of depression – just say no to drugs, and say yes to depression coaching!

The Basics of Depression Coaching

Coaches can help those individuals who are depressed to make lifestyle changes that enable them to become more successful and content. Depression coaches can help their clients reconnect with family and friends, and help rebuild a social life that may have fallen apart. Coaches also provide information about the illness, and offer help with identifying goals and creating potential solutions for someone recovering from depression.

If you are considering becoming a depression coach, there are some specifics you should probably offer in your practice. These can include:

  • What causes depression – say it straight and in layman's terms
  • The symptoms of depression.
  • The triggers for depression.
  • Ideal environments to recover from depression.
  • Daily routines that help with feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and helplessness
  • Techniques to cope with negative feelings.
  • Techniques to cope with anxiety.
  • Techniques to cope with suicidal thoughts.
  • How to make depression recovery permanent.

Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

An individual's mental health is basically a product of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This is what a depression coach works with. Getting someone to understand what causes their thoughts, what influences their feelings, and what controls their behavior is at the heart of helping them escape and permanently eliminate their bouts with intense sadness and negative feelings.

Keeping Depression Away

If you help a client recover from depression, but it returns as soon as they stop their sessions, you probably haven't done your job as a coach.

One of the most important things a coach can offer clients are the tools needed to help clients ward off future bouts of depression. Coaching is all about helping people reach their goals and find happiness. A depressed person is definitely not a happy person. Depression coaching is all about helping clients navigate the process of recovery and creating a road map to wellness.


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