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The information you don't see, does it really matter that page rank is not updated?

Updated on March 3, 2015

In the past Google has shown us the keywords that got visitors to our site. Now that information is kept from us. Google clams that the reason it keep the information from us is to protect it's users privacy. However that doesn't stop them form showing us the information if we are willing to pay for ad words. The same thing goes for page rank. In the past page rank was used to determine the value of the certain site. To attract links from and guest post on.

What does this mean? Is Seo dead?

I keep hearing Seo is dead for the past 2 years. Let me be very clear Seo is not dead. It simply evolved. In the past we had it easy. We could just put up a site attract links to it and we're done. The outcome was a poor site, without the information the visitor was actually looking for. This makes Google look bad. Remember their job is to get you the information your looking for. And having Spammers manipulate their search engine is not going to be takes lightly.

I have to say I was expecting this response from Google along time ago, now it's finally here. Yes this makes out job harder. But think what would happen if Google would have done nothing. Visitors would have just left the search engine and we would have to start learning how to work with a new platform. I for one would like to keep using Google for years to come.

How do we use the information we do have?

Google might block the keyword, but they don't block the pages visitors land on. We know what keyword we assign to each page, so it's fairly certain that that keyword was used. And as far as page rank goes, we have moz's domain authority, Alexa and many other metrics.

What do we have to focus on?

Over 70% of visitors look for information. Make sure your site has the needed information. And make sure it's as detailed as possible. This will make the visitor understand that your a professional in your field. And everyone will want you opinion.

Also do your best to address the visitors problem. A detailed description of the user's problem will make your answers more believable. Keep testing to see what works for you, but don't give up on Seo just yet.


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