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Great Leadership Happens!

Updated on January 7, 2013
The leader in all of us
The leader in all of us


There are people in each of our lives that we truly admire. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have more than one person in your life like this but I think that most of us lucky to have one. So I am writing this here on Hub Pages as a discussion starter about what makes a leader great. So what does it take to be a truly great leader? Here are some of my thoughts.


A truly great leader stand’s up for what’s right. If someone is wronged how is it made right? Leaders often have single minded purpose in fixing injustice. True leaders recognise social injustices like poverty, sexism and racism on a macro basis as well as the day to day injustice like bullying and harassment. True leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with others in need.


In business recognise that managers are not leaders but the two terms are not mutually exclusive of each other. By putting the needs of others before the needs of his own a leader instills a sense of loyalty and trust in others. This is one way how a manger in a business becomes a leader. Whether at home or at work people admire selflessness and quickly leaders are recognised for it.


A leader is a positive force in someone’s life. Mentorship is done all the time and not just between the young and the old. Mentorship is done between friends, at work and in the community. A leader is able to articulate a vision of worthy goals.


Leaders don’t jump to conclusions. Leaders take the time to ensure the facts are correct and offer opinions only after careful consideration. Leaders recognise that all of their efforts will be lost by acting on false presumptions.


When you deal with a leader in business or personally you walk away thinking that you both got a fair deal. Leaders are solution oriented and want their dealings with others to be equitable. Lopsided outcomes are resented.


The ability to persevere and to follow through on a project or a commitment is often hard to do but a leader prevails and delivers. Inner strength means fighting to finish what you have started despite the obstacles in your path.


Leaders are tolerant of others. Leaders separate a single action of a person from their overall character. Leaders never decide on a person by creed, colour or affiliations. Hate, true hate, will always bring down the individual feeling hate. It does little to hurt the person or group that is hated. Hate is a stain on one’s humanity and makes us less of a complete person.


Leaders truly appreciate the deeds of others and take the time to thank or congratulate others on their accomplishments. Leaders give recognition to those who deserve it and never claim credit for others work.


Leaders constantly assess their situation and continuously improve. A leader will always question his or her ability to lead, to deliver a service and provide mutually beneficial dealings with others.

So these are a few of my thought on becoming a leader. Please feel free to discuss my thoughts below in the comment section.

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