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Tips for successful website development for small business

Updated on December 9, 2009

how to develop a customiae website

Do you know that an irritating website will keep away potential customers, the main reason to have a website is to attract tone of customers that will convert into sales, but if you keep driving them away meaning you are loosing sales everyday.

Tip1: Avoid irritating pop ups

If you are developing a successful website, then avoid thinking of embedding pops in any of your website pages, pops normally appears in websites that  are associated with gambling’s, they are very annoying and comings in as “you have won, claim your price now”. Successful website development avoids these techniques of acquiring people information.

Tip2: Easy site navigation

Best website development practice makes your site easy to navigate, remember if your customers can not navigate your website easy then, they will not be able to know all about your products. You should provide clear, easy to understand navigational tools and buttons on all pages in your websites

Tip3: Contact information should not be hidden

When developing a good website for your business, you should make it easy for your visitors to find your contact information on every page. Visitors may want to contact you directly but if they cannot do that then you are going to lose customers who may look for alternative services elsewhere on the websites


Tip4: Provide Useful Content for your website

Remember that a product with detailed information will sell. Giving little information about your products may discourage people who might want to buy the products but lack information on how the products work or how to use the product. Remember you are selling to everybody, those with the product knowledge and the newbie. A site on insurance would offers tips on insurance for its customers


Tip5: Provide a shopping cart

A good developed website will have a shopping cart, this makes your customers to feel that they are shopping online, it is like a shopping trolley where you collect all your products before paying for them, shopping cart do the calculation automatically as customers continue to add products to their list. Without shopping cart customers who might have bought will not bother contacting you on how to purchase your products or services


Tip6: Successful website will have a feedback form

Encourage customers to tell you what they want through this online feedback. Ask whether they got what they were looking for, asking them how to make your site useful to them and any improve they would want to see, ask them what their dislikes were on your websites


Tip7: Have a mailing list

Develop a mailing list and encourage your customers to “opt in” to receive your newsletter related to your products latest development and special offers. This gives you the authority to write target emails to your customers knowing that they will read them and could even buy your products


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