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Today, Be a breath of fresh air!

Updated on February 9, 2011

This is from an Air Canada Tag Line

I think tag-lines are fun!

I think writing tag-lines is more fun!

I think trying to make sure your entire organization embodies and works that tag line is funniest of all.
So, a tribute to the great marketers of our age (some older, some younger) I decided to use brand taglines to think of some personal success ideas.

For the complete list go to

here to see some ideas

1. Complete all tasks before time and tell the person / your boss that you did it!

2. Ask someone you dont like 'May I help you?'

3. Apologize

4. Thank the invisibles.  find that tea/coffee maker cleaner, the water boy, the parking attendant and thank them.

5. Bring goodies for everyone - for your workmates, for your family

6. Add flowers to your home & office

7. call me and tell me you how nice you felt today

prabhjot bedi +91 98720 00604



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