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Tomorrow: you will click at Facebook ads on the Newsfeed

Updated on June 25, 2015
Cox speaking at Cannes Lions 2015
Cox speaking at Cannes Lions 2015

The Cannes Lions festival 2015 recently witnessed a news announcement from Facebook that raises its stock by 2.7%. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox presented to the audience a new ad format of Facebook that will drive people into clicking at ads.

As leaked by Cox, this is going to be a new mobile ad format, which is more immersive. With this new technology, ads will blend with the videos, generating rich media that are interesting to general consumers. For the recent years, Facebook has tried its best to maximize the time users spend on Facebook, instead of being directed to other sites. This means it is trying to create a huge system that can visionally someday replace a central microsite of the brand campaign.

Research: People rarely click at Facebook ads

In a study in 2012 by Greenlight, a digital marketing agency, it shows the heart-breaking results both to Facebook and business owners that 44% of the respondents "never" click an advertisement or sponsored posts on the Facebook Newsfeed. There are 31% saying they "rarely" click, and just 13% saying they "often" or "regularly" care enough to click Facebook ads.

With the new ad format coming, there might be some brighter future. What do you think?

Facebook sidebar ads have the lowest effectiveness.
Facebook sidebar ads have the lowest effectiveness.

A video that might help your Facebook campaign

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