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Best 100 Cities: Top 10 Hot Jobs in Abington PA

Updated on February 6, 2013
Local Train Depot, Register of Historic Places
Local Train Depot, Register of Historic Places | Source

Home to Abolitionists and Freedom

A home to the concepts of liberty, freedom, and abolition of slavery, Abington Township has a long history of Quaker and Abolitionist foundations. One of the Original 13 Colonies that became the New Nation in the 18th Century, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia are proud ot the suburb of Abington in the 21st Century. Not only is this township full of registered historical places and tourist attractions, it is the center of a circle with a 25-mile radius offering 109,000+ jobs in early 2013, up from over 77,000 job vacancies listed in Autumn 2010.

Abington, Pennsylvania is both a township and an unincorporated community within it that serves as a voting district. The township is home to some 54,000 people in 2010 and Number 29 on the Top 100 Best Places to Live named by CNNMoney Magazine online. During October 2010, over 77,400 job vacancies were available within 25 miles of the center of Abington, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. A large proportion of these jobs are involved in Engineering, Healthcare, Retail Sales and Service, Information Technology (IT), and Administration. The largest concentrations of these jobs are located in Philadelphia and King of Prussia, PA; and Cherry Hill and Trenton NJ.

Abington is in Montgomery County, the northern portion of the Philadelphia-Camden Metro Area and named for a town in England. it was founded by Quakers and comprised of descendants of the Irish, German, African American, Italian, and English, although other ancestries are also represented. Native Americans were its first inhabitants and some of these communities remain as well..

Approximately one half-hour north of Philadelphia by car, this Township maintains high-achieving schools, well-visited shopping districts, and at least 16 smaller communities within its borders - each with its own favorite shops and parks. Culture is not forgotten either -- The Keswick Theatre is well known and the Briar Bush Nature Center is well attended by residents and travelers as well as by school classes and other children and youth participating in many of the local after-school enrichment programs.

Abington Friends (Quaker) School, Founded 1697


Revolutionary History

Abington Township began in 1700. Previously, the land had been inhabited by the Lenape Sioux and purchased by the Quaker William Penn in the late1600s. Some important abolitionist Quakers made their homes in and around Abington and advocated for the end of slavery before and during the American Civil War. One of these abolitionists is Benjamin Jay, pictured to the right below - all the more reason for the Libberty Bell to be housed in nearby Philadelphia.

Transportation Development

Original transportation methods in Abington were Native American foot paths picked up by explorers and trappers, becoming horse trails and wagon trails through Pennsylvania. As communities grew, modern modes of transportation followed these paths and trails, beating a wider, liong path to the Ohio Valley and on to the American West and South.

The American railroads finally arrived in the Philadelphia area and Abington in 1855, with a train a depot constructed some years later, after the American Civil War. In the next century, highways followed and air transport arrived in the 20th Century.

Abington Township is now served by several modes of public transportation, including several bus and train systems. These options are the SEPTA Bus and Rail lines, Abington Township Buses, and Abington Transit Bus system. SEPTA is the more wide-ranging transport of the area, reaching much of eastern Montgomery County in Philadelphia.

The Quaker Benjamin Lay (1681-1760)

Abington PA in 1759.
Abington PA in 1759.

Modern Transport

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation System is known as SEPTA and operates railroad routes from the local airport into Philadelphia every 30 minutes, convenient to residents, vacationers, and commercial travelers. The combination of air and rail connections is vital to the economy and growth of the area.

Philadelphia also provides convenient shuttle buses, limousines, and taxis at the airport. Driving is Philadelphia is a kind of intense extreme sport according to some of its residents, because of crowding, heavy traffic, parking difficulties, and strict enforcement of parking regulations. They advise us that most travelers choose to walk or use taxis inside the city once they have arrived at their lodgings. Conveniently, the distances between tourist and historical attractions, businesses. hotels, and restaurants are short in Downtown Philly.

However, the suburbs like Abington benefit from SEPTA, because it operates complete services into the suburbs by raillines and by bus. In addition, a trolley bus is one of the options for visiting local attractions. Further, three subway lines are also maintained in Philadelphia. Visitors can also easily access public transport to reach the shopping outlets outside of Philadelphia and this mass transit is well maintained to provide this option to shoppers and to commercial interests shipping their good into these areas.

Abington: Philidelphia - Camden Metro Area

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A markerAbington PA -
Abington, Pennsylvania, USA
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Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Valley Forge, Schuylkill, PA 19460, USA
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Camden, NJ, USA
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Higher Education

The population of Abington includes a large proportion of descendants of German, Polish, and Irish immigrants, as well as others. A sizable number of Ukrainians have come to Abington and Ukrainians and their descendants are benefited by the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center.

Abington Library Services


Near Philadelphia and New Jersey, Abington offers access to several major retail market areas. These shopping districts fill Abington Township, with malls and local community strip centers and retail clusters. The largest area mall is the three-story regional center called Willow Grove Park Mall in the NW Township, home to 130+ stores, restaurants, and service providers.

The Baederwood Shopping Center is undergoing improvements and new developments beginning in 2010 that will increase its prominence in the economic contribution it makes to Abington as well as the number of shopping opportunities it provides. This includes not only retail shops and anchor stores, but a transit center, medical and other services, a grocery store, banks, a commercial school, at least one hotel, restaurants and clubs, fitness facilities, entertainment venues, and a residential section, with a possible museum or library considered. All of these businesses will create new jobs for the growing local economy as well.

Dramatic Increase in Jobs Advertised in 2013

By February 2013, Abington had over 109,000 job openings advertised, an increase of 32,000 more jobs than in 2010 (see charts below). The increase in incredible.

Over 109,000 Jobs Advertised in February 2013

After a high and low in April 2012, job adertisements increased again into 2013.
After a high and low in April 2012, job adertisements increased again into 2013. | Source

Business and Employment: 77,000+ Jobs Autumn of 2010

Data provided by job search and trending engine.
Data provided by job search and trending engine.

Major Hiring Companies

  1. Bayada Nurses
  2. Lockheed Martin
  3. Deloitte
  4. Genesis Health Care/Rehab Services
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. Johnson and Johnson
  7. HCR ManorCare
  8. ReflectX Services
  9. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  10. Kforce Professional Staffing, Inc.
  11. Aerotek
  12. AT&T
  13. CVS Caremark
  14. Robert Half International

Top 10 Hot Jobs

  1. Occupational Therapists
  2. Registered Nurse (RNs)
  3. Physical Therapists
  4. Retail Salespeople
  5. Tellers
  6. Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs)
  7. Customer Service Associates
  8. Project Managers
  9. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
  10. Customer Service Representatives

Additional High Demand Jobs

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Store Managers


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