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Top 10 Hot Jobs in Hilton Head and the Low Country

Updated on January 4, 2011

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(Free Maps on SCIway at
(Free Maps on SCIway at

Beaufort County

Beaufort County is at the bottom of the state, with the luxury resport, Hilton Head Island.
Beaufort County is at the bottom of the state, with the luxury resport, Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island was inhabited by Native Americans long ago, particularly along Skull Creek, where constructions of coastal shell rings were found that contained fragments of shells, bones, soil depostis and cltural artifacts. Such rings are found along the entire South Carolina coast and part of the Georgia coastal area, with a very feww in Florida and Mississippi. On Hilton Head, one remaining shell ring is 4 feet high and located among 7 miles of developed walkikng trails in a park setting.

Hilton Head Island, or just "Hilton Head", is a famous luxury resort on the Atlantic Coast in the Low Country of South Carolina. Specifically, it is in Beaufort County, the fastest-growing market area in the state in terms of permanent population and revenues for its tax base. Vacationers return yearly to the resort and the surrounding area up and down the Grand Strand on the Atlantic Seaboard and portions of the Baby Boomers are retiring to the area. Numerous conventions are held at Hilton Head as well, bringing business travelers and their dollars as well. They all come in search of relaxation, luxury, and good golfing.

The island is a good source for seasonal employment, but also for permanent career opportunities in Tourism and Travel, including the Retail Trade; and Accommodations and Food Service. However, the major Industry that is hiring replacement and new employees is Healthcare. Part of this upswing in hiring is related to the Medical Tourism sector, in which patients combine elective procedures (often cosmetic surgeries) with travel and vacation opportunities.

The Town of Hilton Head Island

Spaniards were the first Europeans to arrive on the island and around what is now Beaufort County in 1521 AD, followed by by the French. about 40 years after the Spaniards settled, 1562, the Huguenots were led to the area by Captain Jean Ribaut (or Ribault). They made a temporary settlement called Charlesfort on what is Parris Island. The English did not appear until around 1629. In 1684, the Scots arrived to found Stuart Town, destroyed in just two years by the Spanish. Beaufort was held by the British until the end of the American Revolution, ut was not badly damaged. During the Civil War, US Federal Troops held Beaufort and Hilton Head Island.

Agriculture developed in the area and the town of Beaufort in Beaufort County was founded in 1711 before the American Revolution, and the plantation system lasted through the Civil War, until slavery ended. After the Civil War, some plantation owners try to buy back their lands from the US Government, which was holding them for back taxes unpaid during the war. Some of these former landowners were not able to pay the taxes and lost their lands to freed slaves and land speculators from the US East.

In the early years of the 20th Century, a military buildup occurred to create a watch post at a former Union fort in the area to be on the lookout for German submarines in World War I. A US Military presence grew and stated on the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. IN 1940 - 1941, US Marines began to be stationed int he area, gearing up for possible combat in WWII. In addition to the military, cotton and oysters were a large part of the economy until about 1950. Logging became in the the 1940s and thereafter .After WWII, Hilton Head Isand saw an influx of vacationers and travelers and the first golf source opened in 1959. After an airport opened in 1967, tourism increased. New highways brought new hotels in the 1970s and afterward. In fact, Beaufort County enjoys the fastest growing population of in the State of South Carolina.

Activites in a Variety of Price Ranges

Hilton Head is also a fascinating place for family activities, once one looks beyond the splendor and luxury of the high rise hotels, fine dining, and retail shopping on the 12 miles of beaches around the island. One thing to be seen is the installation of Native American mounds and rings, both made of shell - some forming walls 4 feet high. Shell rings are one of the least-studied artifacts of older civilizations around the world and their number globally discovered is only 20, as of mid-2009. However, visitors to Hilton Head may indulge in a self-guided tour of shell rings or a guided nature tour around the island. These tours, along with a fishing pond and a waterfowl area, are located in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and the Sea Pines Plantation.

The major shell ring on the Hilton Head Island is thought to have been constructed by the Sewee people sometime between 8,000 - 10,000 years ago, or roughly around 8,000 BC. As Indigenous Peoples migrated from the Pacific Northwest (after emigrating from Asia), east and southeastward, they reached the Southeast US Atlantic Coast around 8,000 BC and inhabited what is now the Lower 48 States, until European settlers, citizens and governments of the New Nation of America began to drive them back westward. This backward drive occurred in the 1700s, if not before, during the era that the Acadian French were driven out of Canada, except for the few warriors that refused to leave for several years and kept fighting their eviction. The Acadians as a whole moved southward and became the Cajuns of Louisiana and perhaps they intermixed with some of the Sewee and related peoples on the Sewee, drive West. However, there are still Sewee on HIlton Head, so some did not go. What is known is that indigenous artifacts amounting to about 80,000 pieces discovered on Hilton Head Island have been found to be approximately 10,000 years old.

The largest shell ring on the island is thought to have been built by the Sewee people. Two smaller rings were destroyed and used for making elements of road surfaces and the walls of some modern buildings; this is a great archeaological loss but a sport of ecological victory. The main Shell Ring is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is legally protected to prevent vandalisim, souveneir taking, and use as construction materials. (see th elink above).

Another interesting nearby community and a wonderful group of people featured in modern TV cooking shows is the Gullah population on others islands and South Carlina and georgai mainlands. Gullah became the language used among early slaves of many African nationalities. Not understanding all of the languages, the people created a common dialect as they used elements of each language with some of their own coined words and phrases, sharing cooking methods and tools. Thus, the Gullah language was born and with it, the Gullah culinary traditions. Language and cuisine make up a vital part of a nation's personality and the Gullah iteration is interesting, its language musical and its foods unique and delicious. A tour on nearby Daufuskie Island take sin the Gullah traditions of life. The island is one hour away by boat from Hilton Head, boats being the only source of transportation. A large plantation is situated on Daufuskie, along with a lighthouse and an operating winery, all accessible duirng an official tour.

If the youth in your family are interested in golf, Hilton Head is home to the Palmetto Dunes Junior Golf Academy. The school provides five days of instructions by golf pros to students any level of golf expertise, including beginner. The program is designed for young people under 18 years old.

Top 10 Companies Hiring on INDEED

The Top 10 companies hiring for Hilton Head Island are all in Healthcare. Travelers in all health professions can make a good living there.

  1. Memorial Health
  2. Hilton Head Regional Memorial
  3. Critical Connection
  4. Medical Connections Inc.
  5. Voyage Healthcare
  7. Kindred Healthcare
  8. Soliant Health
  9. Coastal Carolina MedicalC enter
  10. Memorial University Medical Center


Top 10 Jobs Listed on

Among 3600+ jobs in 1 25 mile radius of Hilton Head on 5/24/09, the Top 10 with the most openings include the following, over half of which involve Healthcare:

  1. Occupational Therapists
  2. Physical Therapists and Assistants
  3. Staff Anesthetists
  4. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  5. Medical Technologist I
  6. Sales Reps & Salespersons 
  7. Store Managers
  8. Administrative Assistants
  9. Sales Managers
  10. Certified Physician Assistants

Top 10 Fast Growing Jobs 2004 - 2014

Federal and State occupational projects to 2014 indicate the the following 10 jobs will be growing in numbers. Job Titles in bold are those also found in the Top 10 Jobs Listings above.

  1. Retail Salespersons 31%
  2. Landscapers/Groundskeepers and helpers 17%
  3. Registered Nurses (RNs) 28%
  4. Cashiers 12% - This job is Number 11, after the Top !0 most-listed jobs above.
  5. General/Operations Mgrs 22%
  6. Janitors and Cleaners 17%
  7. Carpenters 20%
  8. Customer Service Reps 34%
  9. Office Clerks 12%
  10. Certified Medical Assistants 50%

Increases in Job Listings

Overall job listings icnreased a vouple of times over the summer of 2008 and again during 1st Qtr 2009.
Overall job listings icnreased a vouple of times over the summer of 2008 and again during 1st Qtr 2009.
The status of increased Nursing position jumped several times over recent years and dramatically at the beginning of 2009.
The status of increased Nursing position jumped several times over recent years and dramatically at the beginning of 2009.


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile imageAUTHOR

      Patty Inglish MS 

      10 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

      Thanks, fortunerep - some websites state that the rings were simply refuse piles, but I don't get that idea from reading and viewing photos. What do you think they are?

    • fortunerep profile image

      Dori S Matte 

      10 years ago from Hillsborough

      I love Hilton Head, go there quite often, and those shell rings are found everywhere, alot of oyster farms, great place to visit. Great infromative hub.



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