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Top 10 High Paying Hot Jobs in Singapore

Updated on March 12, 2013

Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is an island city state in Asia which is highly westernized and currently has seen a strong economic growth as well. The recent surveys have clearly shown that now 18% employers are expected to hire more workers, as previously recession had slowed down the process to a great extent.

In Singapore, contemporary economy is greatly based upon manufacturing and services and so the island city state features a higher per capita GDP. Financial services, exports, commodities exchanges and industries have been supporting the economy of Singapore and have made it more prosperous. These days, oil drilling equipments and electronic industries and other chemical plants are exceedingly adding to the economy and are offering more jobs to the people in Singapore.

People can expect around 9000 jobs in business services, 6000 in financial intermediation, 5000 in computer related activities, 4000 in transport and logistics, 300 in education and 2500 in health care. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to check out How to find a job in Singapore

Singapore Business District
Singapore Business District

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Singapore

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager: The vital backbone of a company is formed by a computer and information manager, who even enjoys good career prospects. In the field of Computer Science and Engineering, a good IT degree is required and typical pay rates on an average are $6200.
  • Editor (newspaper and periodicals): People in this field initially start as journalists and then move up in the profession as they gain experience. The background in this field requires English, Mandarin or Malay as qualification along with journalism, mass communication and other humanities disciplines. The pay scale in this field varies from $6,300 to $7,400.
  • Business Management Consultant: When the top management companies require consultancy, they seek advice from a business management consultant. For this designation, just a few positions are offered and only the best candidates can go in for these posts. The general pay scales for the fresh candidates range from $6,400-$7,200.

  • Legal profession (Lawyers, Advocates/Solicitors and other Legal Officers): There are some requirements set by the Board of Legal Education and for a person to become a practicing lawyer, satisfying these requirements is very important. In addition to this, they also need to undergo six months of pupilage in a law firm for earning a good amount between $6,700 - $8,000.
  • Research and Development Manager: Most of the MNC’s have their Research and Development centers based in Singapore and the managers in this field are completely responsible for supervising the processes involved with new products and technology development. R&D managers always require some prior experience and advanced degree for applying for this designation and their pay scale varies from $6,900 and $8,200.
  • Futures Trader and Broker: Future Traders and Brokers buy and sell assets at a fixed price and at a fixed date in future. In this field, people can easily work as a part of a brokerage or bank and can earn around $7000.
  • Creative Director (Advertising): With some recognized global advertising agencies in Singapore like Ogilvy & Mather, people can easily grab the opportunities to work as this designation along with earning a handsome amount of around $8,500 to $11,000.

  • Physicians and Surgeons: Physicians, general Practitioners and surgeons have a bright future, although their way to success is quite hard. In an island city state like this, people can easily earn $7,500 to $11,000 or even more.
  • Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Inspector: The training of pilots involves lots of hard work and investment, but professionally trained pilots can easily earn an attractive amount ranging from $9,400 to $19,500.
  • Fund Manager: Fund Managers administer the fund pooled by different small investors and being the job portfolio so tough, people need to be professionally trained. This designation offers a very good pay scale ranging from $12,400 - $20,400.


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    • profile image

      orlando s.felicisimo 4 years ago

      Pls help me! Im orlando felicisimo 36 years old,college graduate im willing to work in singapore for security guard,my 9years experience to security guard.

    • profile image

      santhosh 5 years ago

      hi i am santhosh from bangalore,india i have finished only my s s l c (10th pass) i have an experience of 4years in ndian commodity market s a commodity dealer i looking a good job in singapore i ove to work in singapore so any job which sits my profile with good ctc pls kindly inform me on -8904640341

    • profile image

      Mohit Tyagi 6 years ago

      Dear Sir, Me Mohit INDIA and 25 Years old.and I got my Graduation in Sales and Marketing(BBA). I have 2 Years Experience in Sales and Marketing in Two different Companies.firstly i worked a Newspaper company (Shah Publication). and later i did worked in HDFC bank. I want to go abroad Norway According my Job & skills. if any opportunity going at that time so please confirm me. My Contract Number is 919555772338.

      Regards With


    • profile image

      baby 6 years ago

      love to work in singapore...can u help me???

      thanks and more power

    • profile image

      osman 6 years ago

      halo i am Osman for Bangladesh, i am computer Eng & i have some experience, drive a car / drive a forklift / electric wearing, i want come Singapore for work how can i come to Singapore.

    • profile image

      vipul panchal 6 years ago

      Hello sir,

      i want to do job in computer hardware in singapore.

      please give me some information about this.

    • profile image

      Suraj 6 years ago

      I have visited Singapore couple of month a go and very fasinated about the place, cleaniness, technology, utilization of the place, etc., would love to work and be a part of this country

    • profile image

      Noorali, M.I. 6 years ago

      I am retd. American embassy employee and worked at Laos, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. I am hale and healthy young man of 65. I am ready to work at any assignment I get such as store supervisor Manager, Tech. Supervisor, Maintenance,and Hostel warden and so on.

      Thank you M.I. Noorali

    • profile image

      RAJA ANANTHAKRISHNAN 6 years ago




      my mail id

    • profile image

      mayathebu 7 years ago

      how could i apply for an airline job

    • profile image

      Lee 7 years ago


      Saudi arabia is good for moslims..

      singapore..u cannot simply jump saying u are a moslem..

      more will be cut..

      so go to gulf..

    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for an informative hub.

    • profile image

      MAHFUZ 7 years ago

      Sir ineed a hotel waiter job singapore please helpme i'm bangladeshi ilive in dhaka uttara

    • LeilaExcite profile image

      LeilaExcite 7 years ago

      Singapore sounds like a land of wonder you find people who are keen to get there.

    • profile image

      B.Jahabar sathick 7 years ago

      hello good people,

      singapore very respect of country and asia big marketing place and its provide good futre for educated all people very perfect and beautiful country

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It looks Singapore is a place for educated persons and jobs are for educated people. What is about less educated people?

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I love Singapore. Thanks for all the information. It's time to go back!