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Top 10 Jobs in Montpelier VT -- Insurance Capital of New England

Updated on July 3, 2013
The Green Mountains outside Montpelier (photos this page, public domain).
The Green Mountains outside Montpelier (photos this page, public domain).

Small Town America Insurance Capital

Montpelier, the Capital of Vermont, was named by top financial magazines as the Number One Small City in the USA for well paying jobs and successful businesses in the late 2000s.

The county seat of Washington County, Montpelier is also a Twin City with nearby Barre Vt. Both towns produce large quantities of granite and are home to several professional granite sculptors. A slideshow is presented below to demonstrate their expertise in local Hope Cemetery in Barre. The surrounding mountainous areas of Montpelier makes the Twin Cities area an ideal ski resort locale in the winter.

The city of Montpelier, the smallest state capital in the USA, is the headquarters location for several major Insurance Companies, as well as the world renowned New England Culinary Institute and the Green Mountain Film Festival.

In 2009, the state minimum wage increased to $8.06/hour and indicated further economic growth overall.


  1. State of Vermont
  2. Central Vermont Medical Center
  3. National Life Insurance Co.
  4. New England Culinary Institute
  5. Sugarbush Ski Resort
  6. Washington County Mental Health
  7. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  8. Several local Quarries - Vermont is known as the Granite State

Statue of Ethan Allen.
Statue of Ethan Allen.

Insurance Headquarters in Montpelier

These major Insurance, Mortgage, and Financial Services and related companies can be contacted for insurance quotes, job openings, and other information concerning financial services in the Greater Montpelier Area. These include car insurance quotes, life insurance quotes, term life insurance, life insurance quotes, homeowners insurance, health insurance, commercial investments, mortgages, retirement financing, college financing, and many other financial options.

National Life Insurance Cancer Treatment Center

Top Job-Listing Companies

  1. National Life Group
  2. Washington County Mental Health Services
  3. Soliant Health
  4. Institute For Sustainable Communities
  5. ITT Systems
  6. Vermont Mutual Insurance Group
  7. Family Center of Washington County
  8. Community College of Vermont
  9. New England Physician Recruitment Center
  10. National Wildlife Federation

Montpelier Higher Education

  • Champlain College (formerly Woodbury College): Technical programs for adult learners, Internships, and community partnerships.
  • Community College of Vermont: Excellent for non-traditional students.
  • New England Culinary Institute: The Institute also owns the Chef's Table and Main Street Bar & Grill as well as La Brioche Bakery & Cafe in Downtown.
  • University of Vermont - Montpelier.
  • Vermont College - Union Institute and University.

Top 10 High Demand Jobs

  1. Retail and Wholesale Sales Persons
  2. Registered Nurses [RNs]
  3. Teachers, K-12
  4. Food Prep and Serving Personnel & Management
  5. Secretaries, Medical Secretaries and Clerical Support
  6. Child Care Workers
  7. Carpenters & Helpers
  8. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
  9. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
  10. Social and Human Service Assistants

An additional list of jobs that are in higher demand than most others in Greater Mountpelier include:

  • Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids/Hskp
  • Landscaping and Grounds Keeping Workers
  • Maintenance and Repair Workers
  • General Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics - This cluster of jobs is growing quickly through New England and New York State
  • Equipment Operating Engineers
  • Construction Equipment Operators


Vermont College

Sports and Recreation

Team Sports

  • The Vermont Mountaineers Baseball Club in Montpelier
  • College athletics at the University of Vermont


  • Hubbard Park - cross country style skiing.
  • Morse Farm
  • Onion River Sports - The Onion river runs along the downtown perimeter of Montpelier, and the Native American name is Winooski River.
  • Peter Glenn of Vermont.

Outdoor Recreation

  • Hiking and Cycling - various parks in town.
  • Winooski River and Wrightsville Reservoir offer excellent canoeing and fishing
  • Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc. (VAST) - Snowmobiling.

University of Vermont - Sustainability & Responsibility

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Sustainability is key in this college. Research, practical experiences and relevant internships make the difference.

UVM Extension, Founded 1912

Extension offices are located over the state in almost every country. They offer information and guidance to individuals and families in support of sustainable agriculture and community building.

College of Arts and Sciences – 200 Years of Tradition

This college alone provides 40 majors areas for Degrees.

College of Education and Social Services

  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Social Work
  • Teacher Education

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Work experience is provided in a number of majors, many concerned with green living and sustainability.

College of Medicine

A unique set of curricula combines basic sciences and clinical experience throughout four years of intensive training in a cross-disciplinary approach toward the MD, PhD or combined MD-PhD degree (the latter not offered by many colleges elsewhere)..

Special Interest Areas: Cardiovascular Disease; Cancer; Neuroscience; Lung Biology; Environmental Pathology; Addiction Treatment & Prevention.

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Combines efforts with the leading New England teaching hospital and offers genuine high paying job placements post graduation.

Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning is offered statewide - on campus, online, and off-campus centers that reach globally, Very good for Ongoing Professional development at all levels of interest and need.

Graduate College – Founded 1952

The first master's degree was actually given in 1807. In the 21st century, 52 master's and 21 doctoral programs are taught and delivered successfully.

Honors College

Advanced study for demonstrated high achievers among both students and faculty.

Rubenstein School of Environment Natural Resources

Conservation, sustainability and more -- Classes are conducted near and in wetlands, forests, mountains, and Lake Champlain.

School of Business Administration

Business studies are set in the venue of considering the global economy and ethics as well as environmental responsibility.

Majors: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Management, Management and The Environment, MIS, Production & Operations.

The University of Vermont


Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra

Montpelier Farmer's Market

Effective Job Search in Montpelier-Barre

Montpelier Career Opportunities from - Montpelier, Vermont, surrounding locale and the State - This job engine lists what they call the best Montpelier area and Twin Cities jobs, along with a consistent number of 550,000+ jobs nationwide throughout the USA. You can research the companies at this site and apply online as well in a one-stop shop setting.

Montpelier jobs from SimplyHired -Montpelier, Vermont jobs high demand occupations oon a major Internet job search engine. SimplyHired is one of the largest search and trending companies for jobs and employment resoruces in America. View job listings and top hiring companies online.

Montpelier Jobs & Careers with the Local Governments - State, County, and Local Government careers.

Walking Tour Around Montpelier

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