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Top 5 Free Marketing Strategies

Updated on August 28, 2011

I am going to go over the top 5 ways to market your business for free in this Hub. In this day and age, marketing can cost a new business a lot of money, but there are some great ways to market for free and save your business a lot of money in those crucial start up days! Here is the list of my top 5 ways to market your business for free:

1. Word of Mouth Marketing

Well this is one of the oldest and best ways that you can get your company marketed for free. Just by providing great service or a great product, the customers that you bring in are much more likely to reccomend your company to their friends and families when they are searching for a similar product. The word of mouth is your previous customers telling new potential customers about your company. How many times have you had great service by a company that you later shared with someone who was going to purchase the same or a similar product? Most of us do this quite often, so simply by providing a great customer experience and making sure your customers needs are met, you are able to generate more return customers along with the word of mouth marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing

With so many Social Media websites out there, we have recieved a new opportunity to help market your business. Making a Twitter account of Facebook page for your company and reccomending it to your friends can help to get the word out about your company. You can also contact a large portion of your friends that you may not talk to much anymore and perhaps they are interested in your business and can bring in some new business or use word of mouth to help spread your company name to their friends or families. This has provided a great new opportunity for companies to get their name out there, especially to the younger generations.

3. Newspaper Articles

This one is not as obvious to most businesses that start up. Sometimes you will have a new business idea that is innovative or eco friendly or in some other way news worthy. These are the times when you can talk to the local media and see if they are willing to do an article about your new business or idea. Sometimes this can be successful, and compaines that recieve this type of marketing get it completely free and it reaches a very broad audience. This is definitely a great way to jump start your customer flow!

4. Door to Door Marketing

Well not many people practice this type of marketing when starting a new business unless it is a service business and they are looking for new potential customers. This can be a great way to find new potential customers if you open a business up in the area. You can go door to door in the neighborhood and see if anyone in the area is interested in the product or service you have to offer. If you were to open a restaurant for example, you could go to the people in the neighborhood and offer them discounts for their first visit or simply inform them about the restaurant. This can work with any type of business and can help spread your name without costing you any money.

5. Groupon (Or Similar) Website

Although you must provide a discount to customers and pay groupon a fee to sell your coupon, this can be a great way to generate business for your company. This will instantly generate sales for you, and although it will cost you money to pay the website provider, you will be making more money than what you are spending so this will market your company and also gain you a profit. You must make sure however that you are able to keep up with the customer demand, because if you offer a groupon and are unable to keep up with the demand, this will hurt your business and the customers you do gain will most definitely have a bad experience and will not return for more business. So by doing this, you will hopefully also get some word of mouth marketing after the fact, and this type of marketing will be directed to the geographic area that your business is in and no where else! Definitely a great option to explore!


This concludes my top 5 free marketing strategies! Hopefully this list has provided a potential new marketing strategy that your current or potential business could use! If you have any questions, please leave me a message!


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