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5 Strategies to Relieve Stress At Work

Updated on June 8, 2012
Frustration | Source

Stress seems to surround us at every angle in our lives these days, and threaten to overwhelm us. Stress at work is becoming common these days. It seems that we are surrounded by people who cause us to fell put under stress constantly. Couple that with the pressures of getting our work done, or getting it done right, and you start to brew up a recipe for disaster! We have all heard the stories of people "losing it" because they just couldn't take it anymore!

While you may not always be able to avoid the things making you feel stressed out, there might be some ways to handle them better. Finding ways to alleviate any small parts of the pressure, and learning to relax are key points to relieving job related stress. Let's talk about how we can address some of those common job pressures that we all face.

Common Causes of Work Stress

One of the biggest sources of anxiety and fear is work stress and it usually falls into four categories:

  1. Job Overload
  2. Problematic Co-workers
  3. Difficult Supervisors
  4. Fear of your job security

There are easy steps you can take to reduce your stress at work. You can even begin to see the results as soon as you employ most of these ideas.

Overloaded And Overwhelmed

An important first step, if you are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by your work load, is to closely examine your daily schedule. Perhaps changing your routine is all you need to find those extra minutes in your day to get everything finished.

Eliminating excess tasks, or time spent on certain tasks, will certainly help you add time to your day. You can also try to delegate the work to others in your office or even outsource some work to freelancers online.

If you're still feeling swamped, you'll want to talk with your boss. Communication is the key to working things out and figuring out how to reorganize tasks to help you.

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Co-Workers That Challenge Your Calm

At every job you are sure to find co-workers that you don't easily get along with. This seems to just be a universal truth. Even so, there are ways to reduce the stress it may bring to you.

Confronting a problematic co-worker is often times the best solution. Deal with the issue straight away. Make sure that you ask your boss or other supervisor to be present so that there will be a record of what really happened. If the problem keeps on , and you can't handle it, ask if you can get transferred to a new department where you will not be around them. Sometimes turning the other cheek will have the effect of causing the offender to back off. This would be an end to your anxiety.

An Employer Who Can Not Be Pleased

What do you do when you employer is excessively demanding? In these situations, it is important to remember that your boss is your boss. Coming across in an offensive manner is detrimental to your cause. It would be best to approach boss in a peaceful manner, and be willing to listen as well as talk.

Sit down and  write out how you are feeling and your thoughts ahead of time, and then schedule a meeting to sit down and discuss this with your employer to present your case. Placing blame on your employer will only make the situation worse, and may get you fired. State the issues calmly, and do not stray from them. However, if speaking your mind doesn't seem to make your boss any less demanding, then you may have to simply develop tougher skin. If you really put yourself into it, you will be able to do this in no time at all.

Worry lines.
Worry lines. | Source

Wondering What the Future Will Hold

One of the biggest factors in anxiety in the workplace has to be the uncertain nature of today's economy and the affect it will have on each of us, and our jobs. No matter what you have or haven't done, there seem to be no guarantees of keeping your job these days.

How can you rid yourself of the part of the stress of these feelings?

You may want to focus on getting ready for the future in order to get your mind off your current fear. You may consider taking classes to to learn some new skills, or going back to college to pursue new interests.

You might consider starting up an online business. Although the economy is struggling, online businesses don't seem as affected. Creating items to sell on eBay or in an Etsy shop is a great way to start a business online. A bit of planning and research may be all you need to start making that better future right now.

Take Out the Frustration Physically

Exercise is an excellent way to release excess tensions. Although physical exercise is beneficial to reduce any type of stress, it is extremely helpful for job related stress. Being able to get some of the frustration out in a healthy physical way can be emotionally healing as well. Even something as simple as walking regularly can reduce your stress, and keep you fit!

The Top 5 Ideas to Reduce Stress

1. Take a look at  your schedule, outsource, or delegate part of your workload. Make sure to keep open communication with your supervisor when you are feeling overloaded.

2. Talk with a problematic co-worker, turn the other cheek, or be excessively nice to them.

3. Keep the lines of communication open with your employer when you feel he is being excessively demanding.

4.Getting ready for the future is always a good idea. Keep your skills brushed up, or learn some new ones. This is especially important when you are afraid of job loss.

5. Start a regular work out routine whether it is at home or you go to the local gym.

Relaxed, Relaxing
Relaxed, Relaxing | Source

These ideas should be able to help you overcome some of the major stresses in your work life. And remember to employ relaxation strategies each day after work. This will keep you on more of an even keel, and give you a fresh start to each day. You do not have to let stress have control of your life anymore!

Want to learn more ways to reduce stress in you life? has several ideas to help you learn to reduce stress and live your life more joyfully!

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