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Top ten job search websites in India

Updated on November 27, 2011

Remember the Little Tramp, as portrayed by Charlie Chaplin, wondering about the city streets and knocking at almost all available job vacancies and career opportunities to find himself a stable livelihood? While that was definitely a deliberate and exaggerated depiction of a desperate job search, the rush of job hunters has in fact increased a lot more over time due to the population boom all over the globe. Hand in hand at the same time, the procedure to find a suitable job has been quite simplified since the introduction of internet to the popular culture. The machine has made things quite easier for human beings these days. If you have been looking for  Latest jobs, new recruitments and Job Exams in India or abroad, all you have to do is to go to the popular job sites in India. There you can enter all your specifications like the particulars of the job you are looking for, expected salary range, your educational qualifications, location of the job and lot more. You can also choose any particular employer if you were looking to do so.

Nevertheless, often the most difficult task is to find out the best job sites in India. There are many monster job sites enlisting all kinds of jobs, but remember the drawbacks of finding the right jobs in those sites as well - you might just be looking for a particular grain of sand in a whole desert. If you are looking for common jobs like BPO / KPO jobs, bank clerical or bank PO jobs, driving jobs, teaching jobs and so on, it is not a bad idea to check out those colossal sites as they will have lots of listings. On the other hand, if you have been looking for any particular kind of job, I would rather love to refer sites like These are very specific in their categorization of new jobs and recruitments, thereby making the task of finding out the right opportunity lot easier for the job seekers, more so if you are not so much tech savvy or web friendly.

Best 5 job websites and recruitments portals in India

Here is a list of top ten most popular job sites in India. Check them out! Please note that this is entirely an arbitrary list and not according to any kind of rankings or whatsoever.


Ever since the site started functioning back in 1997, Naukri has almost been a synonym of authenticity among job seekers. In fact the group operates in all the three leading sectors in India, namely real estate, matrimony and employments or jobs. It is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best job sites in India. In order to go to this job website and find your career opportunities, please copy the URL below and paste it to your browser's address bar.

Monster India

Monster India is perhaps the best competitor to Naukri and Times Jobs and is yet another leading job search websites in India. Founded in 1994 by Mr. Jeff Taylor, it is an enterprise of the Flagship Brand of Monster Worldwide. Monster job search websites are present in over fifty countries across the world. To go the websites, use the URL below.

Times Jobs

The brand name of Times perhaps needs no introduction. Who has not heard about New York Times? The Times of India, too, is one of the leading newspapers in India. Times Jobs is the venture of the Times group in the websites market of job search directories, and they have been so far quite successful in getting large numbers of visits by job seekers all over India. Follow the URL given below to go the the website of Times Jobs.

Naukri Hub

Naukri Hub is considered one of the top five job websites in India. With a commitment to help billions of Indian job seekers to find the right employments and career opportunities over years, Naukri Hub has managed to win a canonical, bench mark position in the world of job recruitment websites. The URL of Naukri Hub has been provided below.

New Recruitments

A venture by the Microsoft MVP Mr. Tony John, New Recruitments will be the best job site in India for you if you want to find out most jobs with the least mouse clicks. It is good for people not so web friendly or tech savvy. Nevertheless, perhaps the best thing I have noticed in this website that certainly makes it standing out among others is its completeness. In a single website you can find job listings, job exams preparation guide materials, mock practice tests, articles on soft skills and what not. It is not perhaps yet a brand name by itself like others listed above, but I foresee it is certainly going to be so pretty soon. Follow the URL below to visit New Recruitments.

Few more job websites and career search portals

Apart from these, you can also check out these job sites listed below:

  • Career Age
  • Freshers World
  • Career India
  • Placement India
  • Click Jobs


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