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Top 5 Greenest I.T. Companies

Updated on November 1, 2011


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Top Five I.T. Companies That Are Going Green

Going green plays a major role in saving our environment and Mother Nature. Many of us who are concerned about the environment are researching ways to go green on a personal level, as well as raise our awareness of companies and products that are similarly environmentally responsible. Going green can be about saving the environment, saving energy and (ideally) saving money as well. Finding that ideal balance with energy sources that save not only money but also the environment is the goal some companies seem to be achieving.

Many companies globally are already well into some type of green re-branding and implementation of eco-friendly thinking, on behalf of their customers. With this re-branding comes an elevation of the company's respect and perceived social consciousness, an undeniably positive effect on the company's image.

The information technology sector is no exception to this growing re-branding movement. Leaders in this arena are doing their share to alleviate the global climate crisis by building green data centers, employing efficient recycling programs as well as constructing energy smart grids.

Here are the top 5 green Information Technology companies throughout the world.

1. Cisco systems – This IT Company is implementing smart grid technology. They are investing with other energy companies in creating an efficient electricity grid. Likewise, Duke Energy, the third largest utility in US, is now working with Cisco in implementing smart grid technology. Undeniably, this company continues in creating a smart grid that could potentially regulate energy usage throughout the global environment.

2. IBM - IBM is building a data center that utilizes 50% less energy compared to the standard data center. They implement Power Usage Effectiveness a new power-efficiency metric used by computer data centers. The research efforts done by the Syracuse University and the hardware from IBM will promote this new model of data center that is leading eco-friendly movement.

3. Dell – This company is the first one in the Information Technology industry to provide a world-wide recycling program. They also follow the strict global guidelines in the disposal of used networking hardware. That is why their recycling program reduces the growing landfills of the planet.

4. Juniper Networks – This is a leading provider of switch products and routers that is currently associated with IBM in creating a data center in Boulder, Colorado that is highly energy efficient. The data center features high-end IT hardware, energy efficient virtualization computing systems as well as cutting edge power and cooling solutions. Juniper uses its own infrastructure capabilities including switching, routing and security hardware.

5. Sun Microsystems – The Company practices transparency in posting the energy usage statistics so that their consumers can view it. This allows the consumers to compare the energy efficiency of the company.

In addition to being very profitable successes in the IT industry, these companies are leaders in environmental conscientiousness. Thus, they are doing their share in going green and helping sustain the environment without compromising their services.


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