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Transportable Safe Room Business Sale

Updated on September 5, 2016

8 ton Safedome


Tornado & Hurricane Shelter

The Safedome is an 8 ton monolithic concrete dome 10 feet in diamerer, 8.5 feet high and is capable of withstanding 200 or more mph winds. Certified by Miami Dade County, the Department of Defense, and FEMA.

Hurricane Andrew

As a firefighter for Miami Dade County during Hurricane Andrew I saw the need for more safe rooms and set out to design the safedome. Due to its shape and design this 8 ton dome has no uplift for the wind to grab during a tornado ( if your home is not tornado proof it is not hurricane proof ) nor does it have any flat walls for wind to push it or take the full impact of flying debris. Easily lifted by a truck wrecker then placed onto a flat bed these units can be built and delivered to any place in the world.

Business For Sale

Once the State of Florida violated by Bill of Rights and the Constitution my company went solvent. I am now liquidating everything and the safedome business is one that should be very lucrative as storms become more frequent and stronger. Interested in a business that brings self satisfaction with minimal amount of investment? Safedomes can be built quickly and inexpensive with little overhead that in turns gives the company more profit. DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie is a Federal Vendor registered with SAM and most Federal purchasing agencies allowing Safedomes access to Govt contracts and purchasers.

Easily lifted for transport

Where will you go when the wind blows?

Interested in doing your own business building safe rooms contact me at


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