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Triond or Hubpages?

Updated on June 23, 2011
Hubpages Vs. Triond
Hubpages Vs. Triond


For freelance article writers, money is a very important factor. And with that in mind it becomes very important to know which sites to post articles to or write on. The two, arguably, top most article submission sites are Hubpages and Triond. And the most asked question that comes up with respect to these to names is ‘Which pays more – Hubpages or Triond?

The Answer is…

The answer is ‘there is no answer’. There are loyal writers from both sites that swear that their revenue is much better than the other. But they also agree that the methods they use to generate those revenues vary greatly. And that is mainly because the ways the two sites generate revenues for their writers vary greatly too.

Hubpages pays its article writers by the revenue generated from the affiliates. These affiliates are mainly Google’s Adsense, Amazon, eBay and Click Bank. As an example, Hubpages shares around 60% of its revenue with the article writer, but only when a visitor clicks on an ad. Now, that may sound discouraging at first until you remember that Google itself was created on the whole idea of searching and advertising. So, don’t ever doubt the powers that be behind Google – they know exactly what kind of ads to put on your site and draw the visitors in.

Triond on the other hand uses only Google’s Adsense. And that too it pays you by the number of page impressions. That means, if your article is viewed 1,000 times you are paid a certain amount. This might seem, and really is, a very easy way of making money. But remember, either your articles have to be very SEO’d or you have to have lots of articles on the site to generate a substantial amount because you do not have any other source of revenue here.

So…Triond or Hubpages?

That is really up to you and your talent. The choice is left to you. Just remember: the more you write the better your chances of making money. Choose the optimal writing solutions and then just forge ahead. The pay will eventually come…sooner or later.


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