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Types Of Advertising Media

Updated on October 22, 2011

In simple terms, advertising is a way of promoting a product or a brand through different mediums. In broader terms, we can say that advertising is an act of getting peoples attention towards a brand, a product or even an event to promote it and to increase the chances of its sale. If a product is advertised well and its information reaches to the masses, the chance of it being sold too increases. Therefore, advertising is very essential for the sale of a product.

The medium through which advertising takes place is a very important factor for advertising. While choosing a media for advertising few things must be kept in mind, out of which the most important factors are:

  • The media should be easily accessible to the public.
  • It should be made sure that medium chosen is popular among the masses.
  • The theme chosen for advertising must be attractive and attention diverting.

If the media chosen for advertising something is popular amongst the masses then the chances of more people getting to know about it increases. Hence, popularity of the medium is very important, perhaps the most important factor for an advertising media.

The ads made for advertisement play a very important role. People only pay attention to those ads that are compelling and draw their attention towards them.

The most commonly used advertising media are:

  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Telephone and mobiles
  • Hoardings, boards and posters

A car radio
A car radio


A product can be advertised through television via commercials and bulletins. Television is an excellent media for advertising something as it is one of most commonly used medium by the masses.

If the commercial is well made, it attracts the people towards itself and the product.

Hence while making a TV commercial it is very important that the theme of the commercial is good it is well made and the concept should compel the viewer to look at it rather then changing the channel during a commercial break of a program.

A famous figure or a celebrity if used as model for selling the product diverts people attention more and hence is a good way of promotion.


Radio is another common media used for advertising. It can be done through audio radio commercials or the host of a show can be paid to promote the product.

Since the radio commercials are audio and not visual it’s important that the audio commercial made is well spoken and has sounds and words that catch the attention of the listener.

The best way however, to promote something through radio is via a popular host or an RJ, someone people listen to or follow.

A huge billboard on the main street of a city
A huge billboard on the main street of a city

Hoardings, Boards and Posters

Another common media for advertising are board, hoardings and posters. These media are an excellent source for advertising especially large hoardings on the roadsides.

However in order to grab the attention of a passerby these boards and posters of course have to be attractive and must be bold and clear.

Posters and boards are one of the oldest means for advertising something, before the invention of TV, radio, computers and phones; these were a common media chosen for advertising.

ppc Ads
ppc Ads

Newspapers and Magazines

News papers are yet another very common and a very old media for advertising. Small or large ads can be given on a newspaper either on the side of a news column of in front of the paper.

Magazines are also a very good media for advertising. Magazines are very popular among the masses and an advertisement given in a magazine is sure to grab attention.

Telephones and Mobile Phones

These media are not very commonly used but are in many cases used as the media for advertising.

Mobile telecom companies advertise their new packages by sending sms to their users.

Companies to companies advertisement takes place through telephones commonly.


Internet in today’s world can be stated as one of the best media for advertising.

Ads can be given on the sides of popular websites most importantly on social networking websites that are extremely popular amongst the youth.

Fan pages and groups of communities of many brands companies are made on many social networking sites where advertisement for new launches and products by the companies are given.


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