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Unemployed Graduates Start Careers With Office Admin Course

Updated on December 11, 2016

Advice on getting new job

A growing problem for people of my generation is being unemployed, but highly qualified. It is a truly disheartening and depressing situation, given the time, effort and investment. I have a degree in Law with French, but I am still working in my retail job after more than one year graduated. In my older sister's decade, the nineties, she was almost guaranteed an attractive Training Contract at a City of London Law Firm. They actually came into the Universities trying to recruit new lawyers.


"Breaking the mould"

I became very flexible after one year and started looking outside of graduate programs. Without work experience, I needed an entry level job, but the most important thing was to get a job.

I decided anyway that I could get a job was best and then I would have to try and work up from that point. Three jobs were standing out as easiest to get into a large company: IT, Secretary Jobs and Admin.

Administration jobs appealed more because they seemed to have the most vacancies. Once I had decided on my path, the next step was to approach the recruiters. They did the standard IT tests and concluded that my skills were too undeveloped. How can this be? I am a graduate and I don't have the skills to be a Clerical worker.

Unfortunately, this is true, as in University they don't give you Microsoft Access skills or typing tests. I needed to develop my IT skills and get a qualification.


"Taking an Administration Course"

I found a course in Administration and also in IT. I passed them quickly, the skills were not hard for me to grasp. However, you need to learn them all the same. I took the recruiter's test and now passed with flying colours. Now I would be helped by the recruiters to get my first job. I got a few interviews and there they even tested my skills. At my interview, I impressed my first employer greatly. Oddly, I got a job as an Office Assistant at a law firm, as they liked my knowledge of a legal office. This is kind of what I wanted it just was a little bit of a different route to what I expected.

This route is not the first idea that came to mind, when I started at University, but I feel that it has increased my confidence that I can adapt to any situation that arises in my life and career.

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"My perfect first job"

Working here is my perfect job, as there is scope to become Legal support staff, such as a Legal Executive or Paralegal. Furthermore, I always wanted to be in the industry and the exposure is great. My pay is not quite as high as I could have achieved.


Souters Admin Training


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