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Updates On Making Money With Triond

Updated on September 3, 2012


As you may or may not know I published a Hub on August 17, talking about how I am going to attempt to earn money from Triond. You can find that hub right here. Read that if you have not done so already, and then come back to this hub.

With that said, I have started this Hub to keep people updated as I attempt to earn money with Triond. You can follow my progress by checking out this Hub as often as you are able too. I am going to try to update this Hub at least once a week, maybe two or three times a week even.

Read on and enjoy my updates.

Aug 18th 2012: Update One

Since I have decided to write for Triond again I have already published 6 articles there. One of the things I like about Triond now is that it seems that my articles get published almost instantly or within minutes of submitting them. This may be something new Triond is doing but I really like that I don't have to wait days in order to get an article approved and published.

The articles' topics ranged from making money online to used cars, and so far all of the articles I have published are getting views but too be honest, the view count is not impressive. I have around a total of 62 views for my 6 articles, so about 10 views per article. This isn't horrible but it is not impressive. However, if I keep writing about the topics I am writing about, I predict that my view count will be much higher than this. Also keep in mind that its only been one full day since I have started back up at Triond.

I can't update you on how much money I have made but I will update everybody on my Triond earnings in another day or two.

I will be doing another update soon. Make sure to check back with this hub, as I will not only be updating it often but I will also give you tips and advice if I start to earn on Triond.

Sept 3RD 2012: Update Two

Since my last update I wrote a few more articles for Triond. I noticed that one of my articles are doing quite well, averaging around 50 views per day, as of now and the article is a few weeks old. As for my earnings I noticed that they are slightly rising but they are nothing to get excited about, yet. I believe that my Triond earnings will continue to increase. However, as of now I cannot say by how much.

I will be writing another update soon and I plan on publishing a few more articles over at Triond.


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    • scoop profile image

      scoop 5 years ago

      Thank you for the comment and I will definitely keep sharing.

    • raja_sangwan profile image

      Manoj Kumar Sangwan 5 years ago from India

      Its good to know that you are trying new things also I wish you best of luck. Keep sharing your experiences.