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Using Viral Youtube Videos that Bring Massive Traffic to your Website

Updated on September 17, 2010

Viral Photo

Viral Marketing with Youtube

 As most of you know Youtube is a video sharing website which allows users from all over the world to interact with each other and share videos which allows you to get great exposure to them and have them shared with people all over the world. 

In recent years there have been many people to make a living off Youtube because they have been able to come up with creative ideas that have resulted in a ton of views to both their videos and their channels. 

Lets look at a video which was uploaded on the 30th January 2009 for example.  The Youtube Video is called 'David After Dentist' and was based around a little boys trip to the dentist to have a tooth out.  After his tooth was taken out he was still a little 'out of it' and his dad had filmed him on the trip home.  The clip is very funny and so a lot of people shared it through various social media networks like Myspace and Facebook for example.  When this video when viral Davids dad left his real estate job and started his own family business with the money that was being made off this Youtube Video. 

His dad set up a website called where you can buy t-shirts with comments that David made after his little visit to the dentist.  Within 18 months his dad had made approximately $150K!!! Not bad for a couple of minute non-edited video don't you think?

Here is the clip below, and I am also now going to share with you below some important information on getting a viral youtube video and cashing in with it.

David After Dentist

Cashing in with a viral youtube video

When you have a video that has the potential to go viral you still need to get those initial visits from people that like it enough to share it. I find that sharing a video through Myspace or Facebook works the best as most people have at least 100 friends on their account that can potentially see the video and then share it with their 100+ friends if they also like it. You can see how quickly this can go viral now can't you!!

Now not only this but when a video starts getting traffic from Facebook and other social media it then bumps up the view count on Youtube and when this happens your rankings for all your search term keywords that you have used to label your video in Youtube start to rank higher. For example if you type in 'dentist visit' in Youtube, you will see David After Dentist is already ranked very high because it has 67,000,000+ views at the time of writing this hub. I like to refer to this as the 'snowball effect' as the traffic keeps pouring in because people are still discovering it on Youtube and then sharing it on social media networks and so the traffic just keeps on rolling in.

Now you might be wondering how you can cash in with this and I am going to tell you. There are actually a few ways to do it and one of them is with the Youtube Revenue Program which has ads down the bottom and to the side of your video and when people click on these you get paid, but there are also some other very lucrative ways of earning with this.

You see on the "david after dentist" video you will also notice that there is a website advertised in the description of that video and it is the website for where you can order t-shirts. Currently they are being sold at around about $15 each, I am not sure how much they cost to make but I think it is very safe to say that they are making a decent amount on each one.

Important Steps to having a Video go Viral

Here are some steps to getting your video to go viral:

1. Make sure that it is either something interesting, funny, or has plenty of knowledge. People love a funny video to make them laugh and are more likely to share it. Knowledgable videos are also very good. People are constantly searching the Internet for information and if you can provide it in a video and it is good content that people are looking for then it will get plenty of views and shares. Remember you want plenty of people to share it as this is where the real viral effect comes in. Views on its own generally aren't enough to shake those top videos on Youtube already, especially if they are for competitive keywords.

2. While Backlinking does not really have any overall benefit that I can see from an SEO point of view, I believe that it is still important. When I say Backlinking I mean posting that video on perhaps your own website that is getting views, you never know who is going to see it and they might be someone who is interested in what you have to say and will want to share you information with others. You can see a more in depth guide to Backlinking here.

3. You need to follow up on comments left on your video. I find this is vital because you are keeping the conversation going when you reply to these and that encourages more and more people to comment on the video.

4. While this is not really a step to having your video go viral, but more what you need to do when it does go viral I have still included it because it is important to gain the most out of your video. You really need to know how to monetize your video, meaning that you need to have some kind of idea of how to convert views from your video into cash! There are several ways it could be through an affiliate product over on Clickbank or your own product such as selling t-shirts. I have a guide on monetizing with Clickbank available if you care to read it here.

I hope this information has helped you understand a little more about going viral on youtube and if you found it useful please don't forget to Tweet it on Twitter or perhaps share it on Facebook!!


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    • seanorjohn profile image

      seanorjohn 6 years ago

      Very interesting stuff.Will have to check out your hub monetizing with clickbank - something I haven't tried.Def going to experiment with youtube.