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Valid Reasons To Find New Employment

Updated on October 22, 2009

Best Reasons to Quit Your Job

Not getting along with your co-workers and your supervisors is right up there as the top reasons to change jobs, but you will run into gossips, racists, bigots, bullies, and idiots wherever you work. Changing jobs will not solve those types of problems. Therefore, the reasons on this list are reasons where your health, your passion, your life are affected by your job. These are the best reason to change jobs, even in a bad economy.

Is your work life destroying your health?  I once worked in a place that was so noisy and dirty that by the end of the day my ears were ringing and a shower as soon as I got home was the only way to feel human again. This is an excellent reason to quit any job. If your health will be damaged by noise, toxic fumes, dirt or filth, do not stay there. No job is worth your health. The job I was in was a food packaging plant and yes, it was inspected by OSHA every year but I did not feel safe there so I quit after two days.


Is your work life destroying your home life? Go by the motto, “Don’t live to work but work to live”. Look at your job as a means to an end, as something that will help you enjoy life. Work is not your life. You are there 40-50 hours a week and there are 168 hours in a week. Do not let your life become your job – there is so much more to life than what you do for 40 hours. If you never see your spouse, if you can not take time to get your kids to school or the doctor, if you miss birthday parties and family gatherings, why are you even working there? You life should include your job, not be controlled by it.


Are you always unhappy at work?  Does your job add to your life or make it miserable? If you are miserable, you are in the wrong job and you need to quit. If getting up every morning is extremely difficult, if you can not think of one good thing that will happen at work today, why are you going there? Work should be your passion, not your prison. Do you love to read, paint, or enjoy the outdoors? Is there an activity you enjoy during your time off? Find a job that will allow you to enjoy your best life. Find a job that fits your passion. If the best part of your day is your session with your psychiatrist, you really need a better job.


Are you burnt out? Burn out can be the result of lost interest, no gratification in a job well done or too much work to do that it all gets done “as best as possible in the time allowed.” If you are not proud of the work you do, if your mind is not learning new things at work, if you feel a monkey could do your job, you really need to quit.


Do you feel as if your work is important? Have you lost sight of your employers “big picture”? If you feel your company’s image is not one you really care about, if when some one asks you where you work you are embarrassed to answer them, you are probably not doing your employer any favors by staying there. In fact, you maybe be the one who is depressing everyone else. Find a job you can be proud of, where you know your work is important to yourself and to others.


Is no one seeing you or noticing you? If you think you could disappear for two weeks and no one will notice or even care, you definitely need to quit your job. If you are ignored at meetings and over looked for key assignments, think about a way to talk to your supervisor about it. If it is a legal issue, consider talking to Human Resources. If you have already tried that, and no one at the company is there for you, it might be time to leave. Humans need appreciation. We are not robots, without thoughts or concerns, we are people with lives and dreams and hopes. Do not stay in a job where you are invisible or your work is just work and nothing more.


What it all boils down to is overall satisfaction. We can all deal with deadbeats and gossips from time to time but if we, as individuals are treated badly or unjustly, it is our responsibility to improve our life and find a way to make things better. Be bold and do what ever it takes to make your job more satisfying. If you are done trying to make the old job work for you, it is time to find a new job; one that will enrich your life, not drain it from you.



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