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Visual Identity – Apple Computer’s Logo

Updated on April 30, 2011

Do You Recognize This Company?

Apple Computer's Logo

I recognize the organization by the above logo to be Apple, Inc. Furthermore, I was first introduced to this logo back in 1984. I was a computer programmer and learned several programming languages on the PC and Mac. Later I would go on to network Macintosh computers with PC’s for my employer Hudson Advertising and Engraving Inc.

New! Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Visual Identity - Makes Your Brand Last Forever!

Moreover, over time the logo graphic has been changed. It was originally a multicolored apple. The design remained unchanged until 1997 when co founder Steve Jobs changed the color of the logo from multi-rainbow colored to a solid polished chrome design. However, no matter what the colors are I still recognize this logo as Apple, Inc.

Furthermore, the symbolism is awesome because this graphic design represents an apple, which to me means knowledge. The bite out of the apple represents a computer byte of information. Lastly, the multicolor in reverse order represents the breaking of conventional rules. Moreover, the basic design elements are an apple with a bite taken out of it, and vibrant colors of the rainbow. The graphic techniques used in the creation of this universally strong corporate visual identity are simplicity and Innovation. Furthermore, Apple, Inc. is among the few companies that does not use their name in there logo. Lastly, the simple apple will forever represent Apple, Inc. in the minds of billions of people worldwide.

Therefore, the visual identity graphic for Apple, Inc. is an apple with a bite taken out of it. They manufacture and sell innovative products such as iPods, Macintosh Computers, QuickTime Video Player, etc. “The Apple logo design is at once simple and unforgettable. So effective in fact that it has remained largely unchanged for 20 years”. (, 2007). Their logo is synonymous with technology and innovation. Moreover, Apple Computers logo “has become one of the world’s most renowned brand symbols”. (

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A Final Word

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    • profile image

      Bird is the Word 7 years ago

      "Visual Identity - Makes Your Brand Last Forever!", well if a my bring forth an opinion in opposition. Cost efficiency for what you get is horrible for anything Apple. It is however a wonderful consumer toy. Sure the debate on PC vs. Mac is tiresome, but after becoming more knowledgeable about what the market offers, Apple is not the BMW to the Chevy, but more likely the tract home in contrast to the custom home.

    • profile image

      thesis 7 years ago

      steve job think idea about rebanding and new product for awarness for company