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Free Web Hosting For Your Affiliate Sites and Landing Pages at Wealthy Affiliate

Updated on October 18, 2011

Wealthy Affiliate Free Web Hosting

As if they weren't giving away enough for a measly $30/ month, Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, just added free web hosting for its members.

Because of the fact that they are affiliates they realize that affiliate marketers need to put up websites and landing pages for their Google Adwords campaigns and other affiliate promotions. In keeping with what they put out in the Who Loves Money ebook, reducing costs for affiliate marketing, they offer the service free of cost for members of Wealthy Affiliate.

What Do I Get With WA Free Web Hosting?

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting is comparable to most web hosting where you would pay $15/month. The servers are more powerful that those of Godaddy, 1&1 and Yahoo Hosting. You will have full control of your webspace, domains, email accounts and more from your award winning Plesk interface.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting features:

  • 600 MB of webspace - enough for you to put up 600 - 6000 web pages and landing pages.
  • 120 000 MB of bandwidth
  • 3 FTP Accounts
  • 3 My SQL Databases
  • PHP MyAdmin DB Management
  • 30 Subdomains
  • Host 3 External Subdomains
  • 15 Domain Aliases
  • 15 Email Accounts
  • 600 MB Mailbox space
  • 3 Autoresponders
  • 15 mail redirects
  • IMAP and POP3 Supported Mail
  • Webmail from Horde

What more can an affiliate marketer want? You get the opportunity to keep up with advances in the affiliate marketing industry as well as secret techniques used by Wealthy Affiliate members and get free web hosting for your affiliate websites and landing pages.

5 ' By The Way' Reasons To Join Wealthy Affiliate

If you are an affiliate and you have been wondering whether to join Wealthy Affiliate then consider:

1. Wealthy Affiliates will be flown to Las Vegas free of cost in January 2009 to meet Kyle and Carson. Of course, there is a catch. You have to qualify. Every member has a chance and there's still time. This by the way is not a contest. If you qualify - you'll go. Details on the inside.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Jobs is a way for members to supplement their affiliate income and earn money for campaign budgets by doing work for other members. Jobs include building landing pages, writing articles and other jobs that may appeal to your area of expertise.

3. Kyle and Carson are constantly adding valuable resources to the members area so you can get the most out of your membership. They could do as the gurus do and charge an additional fee but as affiliates themselves they know that cutting costs improves profitability and they care. They have something new up their sleeves coming to Wealthy Affiliate but as always members don't know until they roll it out. You can keep up to date by visiting Wealthy Affiliate Insider and subscribing.

4. The $500 & $1000 forums - Every post reads like a brand new Clickbank ebook. It started as a contest to see which member could make a post that adds the most value to the community and lead to a revealing look at some of the members most guarded secret techniques they use everyday. From "How The Heck Do I Find Something To Promote" to " Dominate The Serps With Squidoo" and "Landing Pages So Easy Even A 10 Year Old Could Build" little known tips, tricks and resources are exposed. The Success forum is another reason to join - very inspirational.

5. Newly added Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is free to all members. Marketers put up an amazing number of landing pages for their Adwords campaigns and hosting fees always cut into their budget. WA Hosting is a cool new way to make the most of your Wealthy Affiliate membership and save at the same time.


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      cheap vps 7 years ago

      HaHa, I like the way they compare the cost of brain surgeon, and business degree to Internet marketing training

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      sutrapu 7 years ago from kuwait

      very good information.

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      Trends12 8 years ago from NY

      Great approach to writing this review, flows very well. I agree the free web hosting is well worth joining wealthy affiliate. The forum is especially enticing and continues to provide much need support.

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      Good information. Very nice presentation and informative hub

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      Good informative post..

      by the way if you need free contents for your minisites i have bunch of free plr in my sites. you can rewrite them or anything you like get your copy now.


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      Fred 10 years ago

      Another Good one, thanks for sharing this info.