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Turning Events

Updated on November 21, 2012

Is n't this ironic, once again important events are being blackballed, and our lives filled with garbage news story's that veil critical information that could wake up a few sheep. All week long protesters have camped out on the streets of Manhattan more specifically Wall street. They are demanding a change in the economy and the world. However, utterly futile their efforts may be for lacking knowledge of their enemy. They are taking a stand and trying to produce an outcome(more than we can say for most). How conveinant it is that all news outlets seem to have missed this story, But not the international news. Their coverage has been consistent and up to date.

This on top of other events that have happened this week, show signs that we are once again repeating mistakes that have been made before.The only difference is the faces and the background. For some reasons people think that they have some say so over political decisions, and that the government has a responsibility to inform us of things. Never has this been true throughout the history of this nation. Especially for Black people, once again we were taught a valuable lesson about our role and how much say so we have in this wretched world. Troy Davis of Georgia, was executed this week over a 1989 murder of a police officer. There had been lose ends never tighten up, a lot of eyewitnesses testimony recanted, and out right prejudicial discriminatory old south justice. Or should I say new American persecution, same thing. However , he was put to death and his name is not even a whisper on most black Americans lips. What a tragedy.

At the same time Troy was preparing to meet his maker, an old man by the name of Samuel David Crowe was schedule to face death also. How convenient both these executions were scheduled for the same week. Crowe was convicted of brutally beating his former manager with a crowbar,paint cans , then a fatal shot which ended the managers life. As Crowe was entering the death chamber the Georgia board of pardons and paroles made a call and granted this self admitted murderer clemency. Their claim, is that he showed admittance of guilt and genuine remorse. So we have a case of a black man (Davis) being murdered over something the court is not even sure he is guilty of and they said just that. Then we have the white man (Crowe) granted clemency on grounds that he was remorseful.


These turning events are once again proving that we are at siege We are being globalized politically and economically, but our social race class stratification and built in institutional racism is thriving. Amid declining stocks, decreasing dollar value, an ever deepening recession, and our blind eye to flagrant disregard of human life from government and authorities, we have set ourselves up for Marshall law and a complete totalitarian state. All the signs have presented themselves in a rather blunt form, and we have accepted this tyranny as part of the everyday norm. We accept what we hear from the mass media as fact, and have dismissed true knowledge as pseudo science, conspiracy theory, radical, or as unpatriotic. Now we have to suffer as we watch are country and economy crumble.


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    • Enuendo77 profile image

      Enuendo77 6 years ago from hub pages U.S.A.

      He never intended to do anything for African American people. If you remember during his campaign, whenever he was asked what he was going to do for the black community he stated that benefits for the rich would "trickle" down to the urban community.In other words African Americans will continue on killing each other for crumbs, while others feed off their culture and labor. Thanks for reading my hub.

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Very sad, and Obama has done nothing to help the Afro-American community. He has really taken them for granted.

      I would love to hear a Presidential debate between Herman Cain and Barry.

      It would be great to see Mr. Cain demolish him.