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Want to Start a Business Online?

Updated on September 10, 2014

Going Viral


Taking the Plunge

Starting a business online has one distinct advantage, it involves less risks than opening an office or a store. How is that the case? Well you start an online business and it flops, so what? It is not that visible to the passerby’s eye and so you won’t have to answer so many questions from kith and kin if it does flop. This is unlike a shop which is highly visible to your neighbors who will wonder what happened. Believe me, making these sought of explanations after you have failed is enough to keep the faint hearted from giving normal business a try. Moreover, you avoid overheads such as rent, telephone, staff (at least when you are starting), furniture (since you will initially work from your living room or current office which is already furnished I assume). Moreover, all the registration you have to do is online and mostly free.

Do not proceed under any illusions, there are costs to online business. You can either design your own website if you have the knowhow, or hire an expert which will cost you money. Fortunately, there are many sites which offer you an easy step by step method of building your own website. The catch is that once you are ready to put it online, then you have to pay web hosting fee to the same website which helped you build your site. The costs of hosting range from $50 to even $ 1,000 per year, depending on the bandwidth you need, which is determined by what you will be using the site for. There are many such websites available and all you need is to go online and look for “free website building” you will land somewhere. The trick is, the more bandwidth you need, the more the hosting fee will be.

A Wider Range of Clientele

When you start an online business, then there could be no limit to the number of people you reach compared to a local store which only caters for locals. Advertisement can reach a national or international clientele base which increases chances of making more sales. Reaching the customers with the products when they make orders may present quite an ordeal. However, in such cases collaboration with pre-existing online merchants such as Amazon ( if you are selling books), Paypal (if there is money transfer involved) or DHL (if you have to transport and deliver goods, especially bulky ones). Trying to do everything on your own will simply not work especially at the beginning. Remember, like in any other world, the internet is replete with all sorts of conmen and fraudsters. So before you understand how to deal with them, it is best to work with those who know.

What Exactly can you Sell Online? lists the following business ideas that can work online. One is being a specialized retailer who sells his own and other people’s products for them. Most retailers need to make sales and you could just be the person who pushes their products for them. You can also sell your products if you have such. Some of the people you sell for will supply the products to the clients while your commission will come from merely getting them clients. The second is being a social media consultant. There are many firms that hire people to handle their social media marketing for them. That is where you come in with your many contacts on Facebook, Twitter or Linkeld. The third is web design which as mentioned earlier is a service sought by persons like you who wish to launch websites, or improve existing ones. This is an area which will not be saturated or exhausted soon, since more firms are discovering the power of the internet. If you have the expertise, then launch a website and advertise your business as best you can, online; the likes of Google and Yahoo could help you with that; and you are good to go.

You can also be a professional resume writer or a freelance writer like me and you are set. Good resumes help people to get jobs and you could get tips from the same internet on how to produce excellent resumes. The beauty of this is that you can write for established sites to raise the money that will eventually lead you to starting your own enterprise. Working for others will mean you meet deadlines or motivate yourself to deliver so as to get paid. Freelances generally write web content, copywriting of adverts, research papers for students and general articles like this one.

Then there is affiliate marketing. Word of mouth is still considered a highly effective means of marketing. Only that it has gone digital these days and your opinion finds its way into the social sites. IF you are fond of leaving reviews on sites such as Amazon, then you could put a cost to your efforts. Your own website could be very popular due to your interesting quips. Consequently, with a little advertising, you could persuade a number of online businesses to use reach your large clientele with their adverts and pay you a commission. That could have you going sooner than you imagine.

Finally, according to one can make more money for online coaching at a relatively lower cost. This costs less than online courses, since the former has relatively fewer students who pay more and are easier to handle. Things like surviving on online advertising also cost less to set into operation but bring in less income (poor me). Nevertheless, the main point he puts across is that you should not start an online business based on your passion (I want a Yacht of my own) but based on what you actually want to do for other people. That is what they will pay you for remember, no one will give you money to achieve your personal goals.


The ideas above are only a few of the things you can do online. There is no limit however, to the number of ideas you could try out. What is important is to try to be of some service to others, not yourself. Once they become interested then they could start paying you for it. The biggest online joy is to paid by someone from Outer Mongolia who you have never (and probably never will) meet. Even Mark Elliot Zuckerberg of Facebook started from somewhere on some totally crazy idea. Look where it got him.


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