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Shopping Retail Tips

Updated on June 19, 2012

Retail Price Marketing

Try and Save Money

Retailers this holiday season are trying to make an extra buck everywhere. One of the main ways is providing free shipping. Your not going to need the matching sweatshirt with sweat pants.

But spend a few more dollars, you get free shipping on your purchase. So why wouldn't you buy them...right?

When companies offer free shipping, they are assuming you will buy something extra that you might not need.

The deals keep coming everyday.

George Whalin the president and CEO of Retail Management Consultants said, "Everybody is in the discount business these days". "If they aren't, they won't get the customer through the door."

New strategy retailers have been using is giving out gift cards to guests who are willing to spend a specific dollar amount in their store.

People are usually willing to spend the extra money to get some of the perks, because of the illusion of a bigger bargain. Often, these deals aren't as good as they seem.

Some companies are using deals like spend $100 dollars and receive a $25 gift card. You won't be able to use the gift card until January, plus all the deals are gone and you'll be left spending full price and that 25 dollar gift card won't get you far.

The retailer will make far more money off you in the long run.


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