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WebAnswers: An Online Earning Opportunity

Updated on July 3, 2013

What is Web Answers?

Webanswers, in a nutshell, is a community in which people ask and answer questions about anything someone could possibly have a question about, and you have the opportunity to earn money while participating in this community. This works by you get a share of the ad revenue on pages you post your answer on by using Google Adsense.

How do you earn with Webanswers?

Webanswers is definitely not a way that you will get rich, but you can earn a little extra cash. How does this work? It uses an ad program from Google. People create questions, which creates a new page where ads are posted, and people answer that question and the page gets traffic from those answering the question or those who share the same question and want to see the answers.

When you answer a question you start earning a portion of that ad revenue when people visit that page. You share that revenue with Webanswers, the question asker, and the other question answerers. However if that question is awarded to a specific answerer for having the best answer, that answerer gets all the revenue and from that page - except for webanswer's cut. So if your answer is awarded the best answer, you get the revenue for the traffic on that page. If someone else is awarded the best answer, you don't get any revenue from that page.

How Much Will You Earn?

That is entirely up to you. The more you answer and the more questions are awarded to you, the more you are paid. For a ballpark figure, my first month I answered about 350 questions and earned just over $20, with an average of around $1 a day. It may sound like a lot of questions for a little amount of money, but answering questions is easy and fun and goes very quickly. The more questions you answer, the more money you can potentially make. Most active users on webanswers answer anywhere between 15 and 50 questions a day to keep their earn rate up and steadily increasing. However you have to keep into account that questions will get less popular over time, and receive less traffic, meaning you make less off of that page. You also split what you earn with Webanswers 60% to 40%. You earn 60% of the ad earnings while webanswers earns 40%.

When you share revenue with other answerers on open questions your share is also affected by a "Quality Score" which will determine just how big your cut is off of the questions you answer. The better your quality score is, the more you can potentially earn off of questions in which you are sharing the revenue with others.

And finally you can earn extra if you refer people. If a friend of yours signs up using your referral code you earn an extra 10% of your friend's earning. Meaning their cut is 60% going to them, 30% going to webanswers instead of 40%, and that extra 10% is going to you.

What is a Quality Score?

A quality score effects how much you earn off of open questions that you are sharing revenue with other users. The better your quality score the more you earn off of open questions. What affects your score?

- Use of grammar and correct spelling. Having too many misspelt words or grammar errors will affect your quality score negatively.

- The length of your answers. Now I'm not saying write an unnecessary four paragraphs more than the answer needed, but having too many one word, or very short answers will also affect you negatively.

- Be original. If you answer the question very similarly or exactly how people before you answered the question, it will lower your score. It is also against the rules to copy and paste your answers from other people. The answer must be your own.

- Answer the question fully and correctly. If you are giving partial or incorrect answers, it will affect you negatively. Answer the question to the best of your knowledge, research it, or dont answer at all if you can not give a correct answer.

- Be appropriate. Do not give a random answer that has nothing to do with the askers question or use foul language to answer the question.

- You must also keep a good question to answer ratio. Since askers earn off of questions they have not awarded yet, some people feel that they could just ask a bunch of questions in order to earn more. However if you have a high question to answer ratio, you will earn much less. The ideal ratio is 1:10 or less.

My Experience

When I found webanswers I was a little questionable about earning money from answering a bunch of questions, but I gave it a shot. Since you have to answer 50 questions before it will allow you to connect your webanswers account to your google adsense account, I answered around 70 questions my first day. I really enjoyed the fact that you could pick subjects that you are interested in and knowledgable in and answer questions in that category. Answering questions you are interested in was fun and went by quickly. I was soon making about a dollar a day even on the days I didn't have time to get on and answer more questions. I made about $20 during my first month, starting about midway through the month - which is not an amazing amount but I found it wasn't bad for the work I put in and how easy it was. I found the community of people usually quite helpful and friendly and generally am having a good experience on webanswers. As of now, I plan on continuing to use this site as a way to earn some extra cash.

My Advice

I would recommend giving the site a shot if you are looking for a way to earn a little extra spending money, or just enjoy answering questions for people. It takes a minimal amount of time and work for earning extra cash.

To help earn more money, stay active and dont get discouraged by a low earn rate at the beginning. The more you answer, your earnings will slowly increase, and keep your quality score up. Also answer questions in topics you are interested in to keep interested in it.


Do you plan on trying webanswers?

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**Update 1**

I have been using webanswers for quite a few months, though I have to admit that I have not been very active since first creating my account, so I'm going to break down my current earnings and how much I had to contribute to get there.

I started on webanswers in October of 2013 and between October and January I earned about $40 by answering between 400 and 500 questions. Since it was spread over so much time and how few days I actually spent answering questions, I am quite pleased with that earning amount. Getting back into it and hearing so many successful stories, I am back on Webanswers and have bumped my questions answered to almost 800 now (given I did answer some here or there between January and now, July 2013). Now that I plan to be far more active, I will give updates about my progress and how it has affected my earning.


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    • profile image

      andy103 4 years ago

      The only way you earn money off of awarded answers is if you are the one the answer was awarded to. If someone else gets awarded the answer, you will not make any money off of the question.

      You still make money off of the unawarded questions you answer. You actually tend to earn more on unawarded rather than the questions that go awarded.

    • sujithbeta profile image

      Sreejith k 4 years ago from Kerala, India

      hi. i have a doubt.Between october and january you answered 400 to 500 questions but did your answers get awarded or not? Only awarded answers get money.

    • Weekend Reader profile image

      Cindy D Whipany 5 years ago

      A balanced and thoughtful commentary on a site where writers could pick up a bit of extra income without much effort. [Disclosure: yes, I earn some $$ on WebAnswers.]