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What Makes A Home Business Successful?

Updated on October 23, 2007

2 things that have added fuel to the fire of home-based business are the rapid pace at which the Internet is spreading on the back of high-speed broadband connectivity, and the easy ability of marketing yourself with audio/visual tools as against simple texts only.

True, you can spend ad dollars to bring in prospects, but that is just half the job done. After they arrive at your website, it becomes incumbent upon you to live up to the promise you made in your ad.

Which means you have to again market yourself - this time more convincingly for otherwise they will leave your site as fast as they had come.

Why is the focus on audio/visual content? There are several reasons for that. Here are some:

  1. A majority of people is averse to read contents because for them that is almost like wasting time. Yet unless they actually go through your content they are unlikely to get a full grasp of what you wanted to tell them. The dilemma is how to make them read the whole content without letting them feel bored.

  2. On the flip side, audio/visual contents are usually far easier to follow and form opinions about. Just as a picture speaks more than a thousand words, audio/visual contents can convey a message you want to transmit easily.

  3. Unlike in the past, major search engines now consider audios and videos too as contents as they do in case of text content. Considering that Google is implementing universal search to include all forms of contents in search results, there is no doubt that relevant and targeted audio/video contents will increasingly attain high visibility.

  4. The cost of producing audio/video contents has come well within the reach of small website owners. For example if you have a video camera you can easily upload a short, well-made video clip to YouTube or Google Video or Vimeo, which in turn you can embed in your webpage.

What however still remains a puzzle is what home business should you be considering to make a head start?

I believe this is where most of us get stuck. Before I started this website on sharing information on search engine marketing I too was hesitant for long. I have seen that even when you know what your home business is likely to be, you are still held back for the fear of unknown or because of plain lethargy.

Let me mention 2 scenarios most of us pass through:

  • Even before we take the first step we look for assurance that our home business will succeed. This seldom happens. Like any business, a home business too has to face ups and downs, and there is no certainty that it will succeed.

    However as you proceed, face obstacles, and commit mistakes you need to keep your eyes and ears open so that you are not averse to learn what went wrong. As long as you do that you're unlikely to face a complete wipeout, and you'll find you're nimble enough to change track when the going gets tough for reasons beyond your control.

    The lesson therefore is you need to be willing to learn as you go along instead of fearing the unknown or just sitting tight and doing nothing.

  • On many occasions we look for immediate results. Once again that seldom happens. True, there are Amazons, Googles, and eBays that are phenomenally successful. But for each of them there have been hundreds of thousands that simply perished after glowing for a while.

    What this means is that the days of quick results are truly over. You'll be struggling like many others from every corner of the globe. But then the opportunity to make it big has also increased dramatically.

What's the lesson? Just stick around and have faith in your ability. Do everything ethical you can to promote your business steadily in place of either dashing through or placidly sitting back. It's more than likely that you'll succeed in your home business.

Best wishes.


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