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What SEO Strategies Can I Use To Rank My Videos Higher On Youtube?

Updated on March 25, 2013

SEO Strategies For Youtube

SEO Strategies For Youtube Rank Your Videos Higher
SEO Strategies For Youtube Rank Your Videos Higher

What SEO Strategies Will Rank My Youtube Videos Higher In Searches

Most people have an understanding of what SEO or Search Engine Optimization mean for a blog or website but people often get confused and forget that these same strategies can be used to help get your Youtube videos ranked higher in searches both on the Youtube website as well as Google in general.

In adition to traditional SEO strategies there are some things unique to the Youtube platform itself you want to do. In this Hub we'll tell you how to get your Youtube videos optimized so you can get more viewers. If you have good content the more viewers who see your videos the more they will get shared, liked, and subscribed to.

There is onsite optimization as well as offsite optimization. For onsite optimization you want to make sure you have your keywords in Your video title as well as your video description. Having a longer description as opposed to just copying and pasting your title into the description box is extremely important as well. Lastly but most importantly you want to make good use of the keyword box or tags section at the bottom of your video editing page. This is one of the most important if not the most important element.

As for offsite optimization it's pretty similar to traditional SEO. Backlinks are important. You want a good vareity of backlinks from variou sites, blogs, social networking sites, and other video hosting sites. Some other examples of good places to post backlinks are forums, article directories, blogs, and crosslinking and or making video responses to other videos.

Using these strategies will make your videos show up higher in searches and in turn if you have good content those people will subscribe to your channel, like your videos and ideally share them with friends who will do the same.


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