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How To Start A Fun & Profitable Internet business

Updated on January 1, 2013

Internet Business

Making money online with a internet business seems to be more popular than ever, however there are very many misconceptions when it comes to online business.

The biggest and most obvious mis-conception is that starting an online business requires little work, and you will make money overnight. Most of us understand this to be false, however not many realize just how hard it is.

Making money online with an Internet business is a fun and rewarding way to earn a living. Just the same as any other trade you must train and learn the proper way to work for and run your Internet business.

Things you should know about an intenet business

  •  Many people will think you are just on a "get rich quick scheme" Just let them think that!  You must get it in your head however that you are running a business.
  • Check your state laws, online business must be registered just like any other business
  • Online business offers many possibilities. What is your passion? I recomend your "niche" to be something you are passionate about. 
  • Make a precise business plan and stick to it. It is very easy to get of track on the internet. You need to plan your profits aswell as your expense, the less suprises the better.


Whats your passion

No matter what your passion or hobbie is, there is a place for it to be profitable on the internet. It is very important that you base you "niche" for your internet business on your interests.

 Most people are driven to work from home because they simply don't enjoy there job. Base your online business on a hobby and you will enjoy it, otherwhise it just becomese another job. Nothing good can come from hating your job and not having a boss to supervise you.

Research and Planning

Most internet business fail due simply to lack of research and planning. You must know exactly what you will be doint on a day to day, week to week, and month to month basis. You also must know what you will be gaining for these tasks.

It is far easier to learn what you can expect to gain with an internet business than an offline business. There will be hundreds of websites that are offering the same products or services that your business will. You can find the most successful ones simply by performing a google search that a potential customer of your would.

Take a look at the top ten websites that show up in the google results. Take  note of what you like and dislike about these sites:

  •  check thier traffic rankings on alexa to get an idea of traffic goals for your site.
  • Check their keyword density to see what keywords they are targeting.
  • What are they using to entice customer to stay on their site, and return to their site
  • Take note of small details such as the layout and colors. Some of the bigger business spend thousands of dollars just to get the best layout and color scheme, you can get it for free just by following thier lead.

Now that you have a good vision of your online business you can more accurately set your budget.

 If you want your internet business to take off fast (in a couple of months) your going to need to plan on spending more than you make for a month or two. You need to advertise your business, and follow your websites traffic patterns. 

You can get free traffic reports with google analytics. Learn what these reports mean and how to improve on them, and your internet buisness will take off quickly.

Building trust

Online shoppers are paranoid to say the least. The average internet surfer is looking for a site they can trust first and foremost. The price of the item or service actually has little to do with an internet shoppers decision to purchase.

To create trust you can create an about us page with a picture and a brief summary of who you and your business are. Tell you user what they should expect from your products and services and offer a money-back gaurantee.

Include a link to contact you through email. A telephone number gives the customer a good sense of security, but you should put a limit on what times you are  aviailble to accept calls (be sure to include your time zone)


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    • profile image

      Online Business Cookbook 8 years ago

      That's a pretty basic and classic way of going about it. But the Internet is always in a state of flux, so you need a system that is aligned with web standards and practices and is scalable for future changes and manifestations.

    • livePassionately profile image

      livePassionately 9 years ago

      Thank you for the advice. I am looking into an online business and am still looking for my niche.

    • profile image

      Roman M 9 years ago

      Great Tips guys!

      I found these very useful! ;)