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What are Data Entry Typing Jobs?

Updated on November 12, 2010

What are Data Entry Typing Jobs?

A lot of people desire data entry typing jobs and work at the comforts of their homes. These typing jobs are one of the most rewarding and simple data entry positions. The tasks needed are not as complicated and does not demand much expertise but only basic typing skills and proofreading abilities for avoiding errors.

There are different structures of data entry typing jobs. A person working from home can get orders from companies that need important data encoding. Converting to PDF and word processing formats are also necessary to some companies who needs their hard copies of documents into a digital form. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to data entry typing jobs because you have to make sure that the contents of your output must be precise and in accordance to the guidelines of your clients.

Publishing companies are also looking for the services of home based typists. They hire home-based employees because the rates are fairly cheaper than having an in-house employee.

Being a traditional typist, your only job is to type and encode data like forms, contracts, and data bases at a 60 to 65 wpm typing speed. It is very important to accurately encode the transcripts or data. Actually, there are thousands of companies and businesses that requires people with excellent and dependable typing skills.

Data entry typing jobs like answering surveys also need precise typing skills. All you have to do is answer and complete surveys. It may look like an easy job but you have to pose as a consumer who is giving a positive review about a brand, product or company you are working for. The reason behind this is they want to become one of the few on top lists in different consumer surveys.

Lastly, freelance writing is also a great example of data entry typing jobs. If you have heard of ghostwriting positions, this is an in demand home-based job. The concept of this data entry typing jobs is to write articles and sell them to companies, businesses, or individuals who will take it as their own and use it to different marketing materials, advertising and other important activities.

A Final Word

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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      Very interesting ... I would love to just write as my only job. I would be so much happier.

    • cluense profile image

      Katie Luense 7 years ago from Buffalo, NY


      Check this out:

      Key ForCash is one of the popular online data entry site. Previously this company offers only for US residents, now they open to international. Therefore, everyone can apply. Just typewriting job will give you good income.

      Is there only one genuine company? No! Few more companies are there.

      Axion Data Services,

      Dion Data Solutions

      Working Solutions

      These companies are doing genuine data-entry business. In addition, they are well known for their prompt payment system.