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Building your own ecommerce site

Updated on May 10, 2014

You want to make money online with ecommerce? Than you need to know what ecommerce is? You need to know how to make money with ecommerce.

What is Ecommerce-How to make money with it is your article if success online is what you seek just as I do. Ecommerce is the buzz word you will rarely miss in the world wide web business community these days. Internet has made the world so small and in the process widened the chances of individuals making income online. Ecommerce is a lucrative business venture many are venturing into in this digitalized world. There a millions of dollars made and spent online every year in the US and other countries across the globe according to Quancast.

By the way, some common questions I get from my readers and business clients are related to Ecommerce. You may be wondering why they ask me these questions when I am a freelance writer. Well I’m not only a freelance writer. As a matter of fact, I’m an affiliate marketer and blogger as well if you look at my profile. As an online entrepreneur, the bottom line is to have several income streams. Why you ask? Those that make a living online know it too well when I say you have to have several income streams. You just can’t survive on one stream of income alone even if you do it full time. There are countless articles that support this statement that you can look up or ask the veteran Hubbers.

I do direct sales on line with a direct selling company called QNet that has an inbuilt E-commerce platform in its website that I how I came to use Ecommerce and it has since become part of me in my every day existence.

Common questions asked is What is E-commerce? After I explain to them, they ask to know who does it and how it is done and the questions are never ending. That led me to research E-commerce to answer some those questions for my general readers and clients. The hub is basic but yet concise and well researched especially for my readers who are not well versed with E-commerce basic purpose and functionalities.

So what is E-commerce? It is simply the shorter way of saying Electronic Commerce. E-commerce is a type of online business that involves buying and selling of stuff over the web. Do you use your credit card to buy books, music, software, or airline ticket online? If you did one time or have done it many times, than you have been participating in Ecommerce.

If you are fairly new to E-commerce, let’s use this example. Think of the web as a big shopping mall and that shopping mall is owned by a person or group of people who are in business. You are a small business or an individual entrepreneur owner who wants to rent a space in the mall to set up your store. You approach the mall owner and negotiate to rent a space. If you are accepted as in E-commerce, you can than set up your store in the way you think can attract customers and make money for your business. The similar principle applies to E-Commerce.

Ecommerce business at the most is done using credit. In the past it was a cumbersome process trying to set buy stuff online. All has changed. Thanks to the ever evolving technological advancement. Shoppers can shop online within split seconds and their order cleared for shipment to them. In the past, shoppers were reluctant to type credit card information to online order forms. Now all as changed with strict securities measures taken by security service providers over the web.

So how does ecommerce work?

Build your own ecommerce web site

Avoiding the complex technical explanation which in our case isn’t necessary, I explained simply how you can build your ecommerce site.

If you are savvy tech with web site designs, by all means use HTML codes to build your site from scratches. To an ordinary person like you and me, it’s just too cumbersome to talk about building your site with HTML. Let alone the experts talk about it.

By the way, cyber gurus have made everything easy for web designs dummies like you and me. Now I don’t mean you and I are dummy. It’s just that we don’t want to know all about HTML that is bloody messy believe me.

Why don’t you do it like I did? If you have something to sell, than you go online and create a website of blog. Word Press is a very good site that offers free website and blogs. eBlogger is the site where I created my blog page and recon is a good one. You site can be simple of complex depending on the volume of sales. If you are a mom and pop type of business who has one or two things to sell, a simple ecommerce site is necessary as compared to those who are engaged in high volume of sales for which complex ecommerce site is relevant.

There are countless sites in the web that provide web site hosting service. These site offer wizards or pointed-add-click graphical instructions that will assist you build your website all by yourself. Amazing uh! Before you are allowed to build your website, you will be required to register with the site for an account. Do that. If you don’t, you will be rejected by the web host.

Incorporate Ecommerce solutions into your existing blog or website

Here I will show you a quick way of incorporating ecommerce capabilities into your website. It is very simple and can be done within a matter of minutes following three simple steps listed below

Step # 1: Registration –You register with an ecommerce service provider

Step # 2: Form Filling – You fill out a form of the ecommerce service providers website describing what you want to display in your site

Step # 3: Obtaining HTML code - Now you cut and paste the HTML code the ecommerce service provider generates from its website into your website

Closing remarks

There you go. Your site can access credit cards orders through the ecommerce service providers secure site.

Now you know what ecommerce is and two ways to have your own ecommerce site so you can start earning online, go and do it. The secret is to Do it. You have to do it to know it when it comes to understanding the Cyber World and its activities.


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    • serif profile image

      serif 5 years ago from india

      It's nice information about eCommerce site. I agree with you. Really eCommerce site helps to increase our business profit. I create a new eCommerce site for my small business. My business revenue has increased when compare to without eCommerce site . I got Quick Shopping cart service from . It's really helped me to start quick eCommerce site..

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Thanks much 'T' for dropping by and commenting on my hub. eComerce, though old as time is a new concept in my country. Many are still confuse has to how one can earn income online. My self imposed duty as a writer and online entrepreneaur is to break down those wall and bring light into dark terrains of cyber world in my country. Cheers.

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 5 years ago

      Great info. if you are thinking of creating an eCommerce site

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      BB. Thanks much, Appreciate your wonderful comment. Cheers

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very good explanation in a very simple format that most of us can understand easily. Well done my friend; very useful hub.