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Tally erp 9.0 software? - free help, tutorial

Updated on November 13, 2013

Tally ERP 9 – Steps for Starters

How to Create/ Set up a company in Tally Accounting Software-

  • On Gateway of Tally select the “Create Company” option. The below showed screen will occur.

Fill the above page with the help of following table-

Details of Field
This shows the path where co. will get saved. You can also alter it.
This specifies the name of the company as it appears in TALLY.
Mailing Name
The name of company automatically appears on this field. You can also alter it. Final name on which co. shall receive mails should appear here.
Fill this field with Registered Address of the company
Statutory Compliance for
Select your country from the list of available countries
Select your state from the list of states
Pin Code
Write the Pin Code of your Address
Telephone No.
Write the Telephone no. of your Company
E- Mail
E-mail address of company, used to recieve & send mails
Mobile No.
Enter the mobile number of the company.
Currency Symbol
It will show the currency symbol in which your business deals. By default it takes Indian Currency Symbol, Rs.
Financial Year From
Tally takes 12 months from the date you give it, as F.Y. Eg- If you give it 1April, 2010. It will take F.Y from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.
Books BeginningFrom
The date from when you start you F.Y will automatically display here. If you want to change it & display the actual date from when your books started you can even do that.
Tally Vault Password
Tally Vault password is a enhanced security feature coming with Tally. It saves the data of the company in encrypted form through a Password. Without this password you cannot view the data. It is very Important to keep this password safe & even remembered because in case this password gets lost. You cannot recover it again. So only use this feature, if you can keep it in safe hands.
Use Security Control
It is also an additional security feature of Tally. Helps in keeping your data safe. Here if password is lost by the user, it can be recovered by the user but only by calling Tally experts & paying them extra fees for that.
Tally Audit features
These are some additional features, which can be only used if you are also using Security Control for your Company.
Here selecting Accounts with Inventory is a better Idea as you can also maintain details of goods, godowns, there rates, quantity etc. along with their accounting Info.

That's it. Your Company has been created on Tally. Procedure to alter it, update it & take its backup will come in next article of this thread.

  • Suggestions & Queries are duly invited.

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial Part -1 New Co Creation & Alteration

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