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What is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people?

Updated on June 18, 2015

The Success Indicator

What are the main, key differences between the successful and the unsuccessful? What does it mean to be successful anyway? How do you define success? What are the qualities of successful people? Is there a list? What if there was a list of not successful people but instead their qualities? What you want to emulate and what not to do?

Recently I saw The Success Indicator by MaryEllen Tribby. It was sent to me in an email and I loved it! Then I hit the Internet and realized MaryEllen is an author, business consultant, coach and CEO of Working Mom's Only. She has created success and clearly is on the right side of her indicator.

Below is The Success Indicator for you to look at. Allow me to invite you into your own private Idaho for a few moments to really consider what side you invest the majority of your time.

The brilliance of this graphic is that the power to switch sides in an instant is entirely in your hands... or mind actually. You literally have the power, ability and option to choose what side you want to be on.

Now if you feel as if you're stuck on or spending more time on the side of the unsuccessful, keep reading because you will soon see the fast track to move over to the side of success.

The Success Indicator


Unsuccessful People

  • Have a since of entitlement
  • Criticize
  • Hold a grudge
  • Take all the credit of their victories
  • Blame others for their failures
  • Watch TV everyday
  • Say the keep a journal but really don't
  • Fear change
  • Secretly hope others fail
  • Horde information and data
  • Fly by the seat of their pants
  • Exude anger
  • Don't know what they want to be
  • Talk about other people
  • Think they know it all
  • Never set goals
  • Operate from a transactional perspective

Successful People

  • Have a since of gratitude
  • Compliment
  • Forgive
  • Give other's credit for their victories
  • Accept responsibility for their failures
  • Read every day
  • Keep a journal
  • Talk about ideas
  • Want others to succeed
  • Share information and data
  • Keep a "to-do" list
  • Exude joy
  • Set goals and develop life plans
  • Embrace change
  • Continuously learn
  • Keep a "to-do" project list
  • Operate from a transformational perspective

POLL: What Side Are You On?

At what percentage do you operate on the successful side? (BE HONEST NOW!)

See results

Was there anything missing?

What if I told you that while comprehensive and 100% correct, this comparison contrast list here is missing a key ingredient? What if you were looking to make a cake and had all the ingredients but one? How would that effect the process, the taste, the finished product? Would you even be able to effectively start making the cake if you didn't have all the ingredients? What if you didn't even know what that missing ingredient was and so you went on to try to make the cake, but realized that something here, just wasn't quite right. Do you feel that now? Maybe, you like me, got so caught up in rationalizing what is you and what isn't you that you essentially distracted yourself from the missing ingredient. I'm here to tell you that there's a piece missing and it is the one piece that will will make or break your success cake.

The 10x Rule

The 10X Rule - The Fast Track To Success

The 10x Rule. Grant Cardone's prescription for success. In fact, The 10x Rule very well may be the only actual difference between success and failure. The 10x Rule was first introduced in Grant's first book, Sell To Survive, which was recently redone, re-titled and re-released as Sell Or Be Sold. The best part of this re-release was that Grant was doing with his first book a technique he suggests in If You're Not First You're Last. Very cool and seriously brilliant.

From Sell Or Be Sold, "If you want one thing, take massive action equal to at least 10 times what you think it will take to ensure that you attain that one thing."

This is the essence of the 10x Rule, but as you'll see when reading the book or having Grant ride shotgun in the car with you and listening to it, The 10x Rule is also about raising your thinking 10 times.

You have to think big!

Thinking BIG fortunately, is a skill and a skill that needs to get developed and built on. You need to proactively practice thinking big. Thinking WAY out of the box.

If you want to make a million dollars, then shoot for 10 million. If you legitimately put forth the effort, focus and drive to hit 10 million dollars and only got 10% of your target, what do you have?

Whereas if you only shoot for 1 million and reach the same 10%, now what?

Point? 10 million or 1 million, it will take the same amount of effort, focus and drive.

So there are 2 key elements to The 10x Rule.

  • Take massive levels of action
  • Think BIG

Massive levels of success, clearly will require you to go beyond what the middle class deems "normal." If you're looking to achieve an extra-ordinary life, you can not operate like everyone else and you can not settle for mediocrity in your life. Success in life has noting to do with luck, it's about creation.

"Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility." - Grant Cardone

The 10x Rule is your guide book to create massive levels of success in all areas of your life.

You will learn, if you are willing, to establish the correct levels of effort needed to literally guarantee success and more importantly that you keep it and continue to have it.

It's safe to say that most of us want to be successful, but we tend to come up short on the quantity and, as Napoleon Hill put it, definiteness of purpose, to live the exceptional lives we deserve.

There are 4 degrees of Action and The 10x Rule will help you function at the most important degree to realize your dreams and goals.

Looking at The Success Indicator above, getting to the successful side and staying there will require you to eliminate fears, have belief in yourself, stop waiting for something to happen, and get completely dialed into purpose.

Becoming successful demands that you separate yourself from the pack, become willing to do what others can't (won't) do and that you stop thinking in terms of just getting by. The 10x Rule allows you to start and stay aiming at abundance in all areas of your life.

In order to be on the Successful side, you must adopt and incorporate the mindset of the already successful. That means you got to aim 10 times higher than you are right now.

Drop the status quo.

Wrap It Up

Did you take the quiz? Are you thinking, "OK, Now what?" Well you got some options here now, don't you?

You can recognize where you're at. You'll do that anyway. No matter what happens after you're done reading this, you'll recognize where you stand.

Now comes the time to figure out if you're truly OK with where you're at.

What does success mean to you? Once that's defined, are you there yet? If so, how are you maintaining your success.

Do you think Muhammad Ali EVER once said, "I got the jab down pretty good, I'm stinging like a bee, remember? No need to practice that shot. Besides, I'm too pretty to practice."

If that was his mindset, the Rumble In The Jungle would have been a whole lot different!

Back to you now. What's you're next move? Next step? How are you going to create the life you know you deserve?

Notice, I say "create." This is fundamental. Creation implies power and ability. You do not have to rely on luck to have success. You can create it if you choose to. There's another interesting word. Choice. Success, by all accounts is a choice.

What will you choose to create today?


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    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 3 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      I think you'll get a lot from book - really makes you think -

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 3 years ago

      No, I haven't. I'll have to give it a look. Thank you.

    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 3 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      @Robert - have you read a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck?

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 3 years ago

      I would like to see some before the fact studies. A successful person may have a successful person mindset because they are successful rather than their mindset being the reason for their success. A study that can take the attitudes of a group of people then with a good level of accuracy predict which ones will succeed and which ones will fail would be a valid test of what leads to success or failure. A study of people who may have a positive attitude because of their success or a negative attitude because of repeated failures doesn't seem valid.

    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 4 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      @cfin - totally agree with you - criticism can be a fantastic motivator, sign of success and growth tool - anyone who's ever made it to the top got criticism and some on the way up!

    • cfin profile image

      cfin 4 years ago from The World we live in

      Criticism can actually be a positive thing. It is something I disagree with to say unsuccessful people criticize. Great article though. Stay positive!!