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When Does Marketing Begin?

Updated on May 19, 2016

I am sure somewhere along the line I have addressed this topic. However, I am reminded of it again this weekend. I am in Sydney, Australia at a fitness convention called Filex. My wife and I are embarking on a new project. We discussed our marketing strategy beforehand and are ready to go.

We do not have a booth at the expo, but we are targeting both attendees and booth holders. Before we get into it too far, I have to point out what I believe is the best definition of marketing. You see, most people get confused and lump marketing in with sales. Courses (at least when I was coming up) were always titled marketing and sales. This is the first point of confusion. The second point came when the lecturer made no clear distinction.

Marketing is simply gathering information. It acts as a sorting mechanism so that we do not waste our time. The problem most people have is that in the process of marketing, they feel that they need to "sell" the person on the spot. This stems from a lack mentality. If anyone shows the least bit of interest, they must sell them before they walk away, else we will lose them forever. I keep reminding people that you cannot lose what you never had!

Gathering information is broken down as follows:

Gather interest
Gather an agreement
Gather details


Who is your ultimate client? What do they look like, talk like, act like, etc. Define this in detail and start attracting that person in your mind. This will ensure that everyone else stays off your radar.

Gather interest

Use interest creating remarks to allow a prospect to discover that you have what they need. If you are continually talking, you are trying to sell! For example, our mission in this case is to assist personal trainers increase their retention rate. When asked what I do, I say, "I assist personal trainers increase their retention rates, you probably do not have an issue with that, do you?"

If they say "no" , I say, "I didn't think so, do you know of anybody that does?"

If they say "yes" , I will dig a bit deeper and then move onto the agreement.


If the person is a viable prospect, I will get an agreement to follow up with them. That sounds like, "would it make sense to sit down for 15 minutes to discuss increasing you retention rate?" You can agree on a time then or agree on a follow up phone call.


This is gathering all the details necessary to make contact. The best is a phone number.

Now! Where does this all begin. When are we marketing? The answer is way too simple.

It is ALL the time!!

What reminded me of this is what happened while at this convention. Our hotel was a ten minute walk from the convention. I was walking to the convention and I noticed a women walking behind me. ( I heard the clicking of heels!) she followed me all the way to the convention. Later in the day, we passed her booth. We made eye contact and we both made the connection of the walk. I said, "are you still following me?!" We had a laugh and it turned to a chat about what we did. We obtained an excellent prospect with another component of her business!

What was more interesting about this was that my wife had dealings with her business previously and had already said to me that they were not a good prospect for us. However, she did not know of the new segment they added to their business! So, without the earlier connection, we would have walked right by their booth.

Where did all this begin?

Attraction : a week before the convention

More attraction : along the walk to the convention

More attraction : eye connection

Marketing begins when you decide to market. First in your mind, then you take action on the opportunities that you attract.

Learn to say hello to everyone. Smile. Make eye contact.

Do not be the dork walking down the street texting and smashing into everybody!

Take note of who is around you. What opportunities exist for you?

Always be marketing! Happy Marketing!

The Marketing Wheel

A tool that I have developed to get started in your marketing efforts is called the marketing wheel.

Here I outline the various methods I have had success with and recommend!

It is available to you via instant download for less than $5! Why? Because I can and I know that if I give it to you for free, you will never use it!

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