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Where To Make Money Online for Teens

Updated on July 21, 2016
Enroll | Source

1. Enroll

Enroll is an online community for learning success, this company happens to be worldwide. Here you may teach another language, tutor, help studying, etc. Enroll is a tutoring website that hires employees as young as 15. Here you can find any English speaking tutor that specializes in Spanish, SAT support, Math tutor, and so on. The website requieres parental consent for underage users. Every session on this website is recorded for you to review as well as your parents. Not only can you tutor others but you can also profit from selling lesson plans, curriculum, worksheets, etc. Eventually, the site may even be useful for you when in need of help with some tough schoolwork.

HubPages | Source

2. HubPages

HubPages is a user generated content, website meant for creative writers with information they would like to share with the world. I am not sure about the age requirements for HubPages, but as you know HubPages is a website that accepts creative writing from anyone. As long as you do not spam, use inappropriate content, or provide bad quality content, HubPages is good for teens with open and creative minds. It may take a while to profit off of this website as there are many users. However, if you enjoy writing and expressing your ideas and opinions, then just writing on this page should be enjoyable.

TeensEyes | Source

3. TeensEyes

TeensEyes is an online survey company strictly for kids between 13 and 18. The surveys on this website consist of the teen providing feedback for a company, and in return they earn points that they can profit from. Parent consent and registration is required when creating an account. Points on this website can be exchanged for points (1000 pts = $10). The website also invites the legal guardian(s) to participate in surveys to learn what parents and teens see eye-to-eye on, or what they see differently. One disadvantage to this website is that they do not always have open positions, and you might have to wait a while or check the website frequently for openings. | Source


Twitch is a live streaming video platform, specifically for gaming. It was released in 2011 but did not become very popular until October 2013. Twitch is a place where gamers can record themselves on live stream. The more views and subscribers you get the more money. It costs $4.99 per month to subscribe to someone. Live streaming content is being demanded more and more online, Twitch is a good outlet for gamers to share their content and possibly profit from it. Therefore, if you are a regular gamer above the age of 13, then Twitch might just be somewhere you can earn some extra cash.

Discover your talent and make good use of it!
Discover your talent and make good use of it! | Source

5. Put Your Talents to Good Use

Every teenager has some sort of talent, some have a savvy for video editing, photo editing, graphic design, photography, film making, making recipes, etc. A good way to start out is to share these talents among your family and community. If you show good progress and are positive that you are good at whatever talent you have you can start selling your work online. You can finally benefit from doing something you love. Once you show the world what you are capable and advertise yourself on social media, you can have your parents set up an online company for you. Websites such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and many other websites that you may find reliable.


Following Quiz

The following quiz is meant for teenagers only as it might not give an accurate result for adults. Here are some other quizzes for a second opinion on what your talent may be:

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