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Where has the Elusive Middle Class Gone?

Updated on October 6, 2013

Middle Class


Where has the Elusive Middle Class Gone?

What I find so disingenuous about both parties who are running for office by championing for the middle class. This is like running for office to represent the Easter Bunny? What middle class? Last I checked the middle class has disappeared because of the flat regressive taxes on everything thing from gasoline to food which have caused hyper inflation in this country. Even those making 50k a year are still broke because of exceedingly high gasoline prices hovering around $4 a gallon. The federal government keeps denyiny there is inflation.. What no candidate will say is that the middle class in American Society is gone because of flat regressive taxes.

Does DC think that by calling people midde class when they're eaten up with high gasline prices and hyper inflation which the government denies makes them feel any less poor? Or is it yet another sign just how out of touch the DC elite are?

In a move that only DC can come up with they have changed the definition of poverty. A single person who makes over seven thousand dollars a year is considered middle class? It doesn't matter if there home is in foreclosure or they are working three jobs just to make thise seven thousand lilttle dollars; they are middle class. This really huirts seniors who have returement even though they can't afford their medicine or food let alone gas.

Oh, here is America!

How to Restore the Middle Class?

I don’t know why it is rocket Science in DC. It is really clear outside of the beltway. Perhaps that is because we are the people who are suffering.

First, Corporations in this country have record amounts of cash. Corporate America has more wealthy than they have ever been before and since they are refusing to hire then they should be taxed. They are the only ones with the finances to be taxed. Corporations are the people of the United States clients. So higher Americans, pay more money as our clients, or pay taxes. It is fundamentally simple. They should be allowed the option to hire Americans to limit their amount of taxes but none the less they either hire or suffer financial penalities..

Second, I have worked in government and it is very simple to avoid hiring illegals. Finger print them and run background checks on them. I always had to pay for my background checks and I don’t see why this can’t be applied to anyone wanting to be hired in a corporation today. This policy was employed back in 1998. Has government forgotten how to avoid hiring illegals? Or have they sanctioned illegal immigration to tack American citizen jobs?

Third, you could spend less and make certain social security was solvent by employing America. This again is not rocket science. The USA off unemployment, and welfare because they have living wage jobs with benefits would take a tremendous pressure of the stretched welfare services in the USA. If every corporation is required to provide benefits then there is no need for Obamacare.

One Example of Corporations (OIL) Influencing Our Politicians

Why Isn’t the Middle Class being Championed?

This is simple to answer American Politicians are paid by big corporation and oil so the politicians work for them and not us. There is not a single person in DC who cares about the plight of the American People outside the beltway. They live to well to care beyond how it will effect their own political ambitions.

Who in the world would believe cutting spending during an ecnomic collapse would save the economy? It seems more like the people who have money now want the economy to completely deflate and leave the rest of the country in a deflationary depression while they have the cash to survive and thrive. A millionaire with cash in his mattress is a very wealthy person in a deflationary depression. It is like economic musical chairs in which everyone knows the crash is imminent.

So in a sentence, Politicians champion caused for which they are paid to champion which is not disenfranchised Americans. And that is really what every election is about. How will the next presidential nomination enfranchise the 12% of the country which is unemployed? If I were unemployed I would make certain I voted my wallet. Because the next election can be decided by the unemployed in this country. No matter who runs if they don't enfranchise the USA citizens, restore them to the middle class libing sgtandards and preserve their dignity their are no candidates for the office of the Presidency.

Restoring the Middle Class

Another Promise to Restore the Middle Class

When Will The Middle Class Be Restored Instead of Legally Redefined?

The promising have been made so when is it reasonable to expect our representatives to keep them? There are many examples I can show you. But why is it the money never seems to run out for politicians. They never go without pay unless they decide to forfeit it?

How can corporations expect us to buy anything from them when they will not hire us? They have so much cash on the books right now it is unbelieveable. So why not hire? Why wouldn't they restore the middle class? The answer is simple our politicians no longer have the stomach or the leverage to make them. DC has lost it's way and forgotten their duty and The Tea Party is just as guilty as any other party.

Finally the executive has lost the wil and intellect to provide for the general welfare so they just redefined it. It is slippery but obvious.. Here are those promises. What happened? Next president to run needs to be silent and work exceptionally hard.


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