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What It Will Take To Resurrect the American Middle Class: The Return of the America Dream with Prosperous Jobs

Updated on January 17, 2012



Resurrecting the American Dream

How do the Democrats plan to resurrect the American Dream? Did they read my piece on restoring the five pillars of the American Prosperity? No! The Democrats are going to hand more money to the Clinton Global Initiative which means our country will be giving more foreign aid in a time when our people desperately need prosperity. Didn't we do that with 500 Billion dollars to Pakistan only to find out the Pakistan government was hiding Osama bin Laden? Should America have learned their lesson them?

So do jobs with the Clinton Global Initiative pay well? Are the salaries competitive with salaries of peers doing the same work here in the USA? No, they are not even a living wage.

How can providing more money in foreign aid resurrect the American Dream?

Quite simply, it can't. In all probability working for the Clinton Global Initiative is substandard pay in dangerous areas of the world and that will be giving more American treasure away and undermining the rest of American's Dreams. It isn't a bad deal for someone who is a died hard Democrat who has just graduated from college and can't find a job but it hurts your fellow citizen. I know a few people who work with this organization but they are surgeons who are paid well and work with the Clinton Global Initiative more for the travel and not for the money. They usually work in Africa, although they did respond to Haiti which was nightmare beyond what anyone could imagine here.

But for those who are middle aged with children who the Clinton Global Initiative will not be a viable employer this approach is of absolutely no use. So resurrecting the American dream is only for the young Democrats through the Clinton Global Initiative. If it were me and I had the choice and was just graduated from college and couldn't find work I would chose the military over the Clinton Global Initiative. Atleast in the military you have retirement, health and dental and they give you a gun in hot spots around the world. There is also the intelligence agencies and my favorite the Peace Corp.

NGO is highly trained and skilled work if you plan on surviving it. It is not for the faint of heart or the average person. And it takes a great deal of courage and effort to survive in another country. The way the political climate is in the world, NGO(s) in most instances are considered spies and therefore their lives are in constant danger. As an American I know that not all NGO(s) are spies but that is not how the rest of the world sees it. NGO(s) and Foreign Correspondents are two most targeted group of foreigners in the world.

I think I would try the Peace Corp before the Clinton Global Initiative. Personally I can't stand the thought of my country giving another cent away while the people inside it go hungry. But if you need a job after college the Peace Corp is a sound organization that has a long history and tradition of help people in third world countries.

I think foreign aid is a complete waste of time in large amounts but little operations throughout the world stand a much better chance of success and don't leave visible prints but apparently the Clinton Global Initiative is tasked with employing everyone atleast those under the age of 25, in good health and willing do work in dangerous parts of the world. This plan might not resurrect the American Dream but conjured a new American nightmare.

So if you have to join the Clinton Global Iniative I will provide you a link for employment but please consider some of the other links I have provided below and please read the article on restoringt he five pillars of American propserity and you wll see foreign aid isn't one of them. We need to restore those five pillars to get our economy back on the road to recovery.

Amazingly, Bill Clinton balked on Face the Nation when asked if he believed millionaires and billionaires should pay higher taxes. Now I don't wish to imply I believe Bill Clinton doesn't believe the wealthy should pay taxes. I believe he said they should pay the same amount of taxes as the middle class so Mr. Clinton believes the wealthy shouldn't pay more taxes then then the middle class. To the contrary I remembering paying taxes under Bill Clinton and I was in graduate school and paid very high taxes for my income. I was middle class so high taxes for the middle class and the wealthy. I just think Bill Clinton wants job creation prior to tax increases. Financially he and his organization has a tremendous amount to gain financially by being funded by the federal government as with in any organization administration is quite a lucrative business. I believe Mr. Clinton should have been required to disclose that as aa conflict of interest.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Max Havlick,

      I do so appreciate your response and I value your opinion although it is different from my own. I believe what makes this country so great is the diversity of people, their opinions and the subsequent adaptability.

      I think you are an extraordinary talent and I appreciate and value your opinions. If I have not relayed this before please forgive me.

      And of course you do not need to spend a week in Haiti. That was a bit silly of me to write;);) I guess why I am so against humanitarian aid is I feel like it ends up being a tear in an ocean of misery. I think smaller better fund NGO operations would be a better use of our resources.

      We have philosophically different opinions on this. And you are right this is not a dinner party for which this type of debate is appreciated. It is kind of refreshing corresponding with someone who will not debate so I appreciate this about you as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, review and follow up. It is sincerely appreciated. I will probably review your posts and I will attempt to see things from your perspective. I have scientific doubt about just about everything I do so I am open to be absolutely wrong. So I will attempt to see it from your perspective and perhaps I will change my mind or at least better understand more variables into he very complex issue of foreign aid.

      I appreciate all your efforts to help me improve as a writer.

      Thank you for broadening my horizons!!

      All My Best,

      All My Best,


    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 6 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      JT, thanks for your response. Our views differ greatly, what we consider key relevant evidence, how we frame issues, how we think about them, and so on.

      For instance, the undeniable suffering from mistakes made in Haiti does not, in my opinion, render invalid further humanitarian assistance, and I don't consider it realistic that I must spend a week in Haiti to be qualified to disagree with you on the subject.

      I cannot now, however, conduct a running, full-time battle on your strongly felt opinions, but neither do I wish to discourage you from having them.

      I personally do not consider it illegitimate or threatening when other people see things differently than I do. How you see things is your right and responsibility as a human being, based on the totality of your background and experience in life.

      My comments and questions are meant to encourage you to keep looking for ever higher ground appropriate to your remarkably high level of talent.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Good Morning dalas93444,

      I would say that charity is going to have to begin at home until we are on more level footing. America will be a much more effective ally and partner in the world if we are a stronger country.

      We need to revert back to the five pillars of American Prosperity with an emphasis on R&D and education.

      It saddens me when I speak to parents of High School students who aren't taking Calculus in High School anymore or Physics for Calculus majors. In High School we all took Calculus back in the 1980(s). Well atleats the majority of us. The curriculum is so watered down now I wonder how the next generation will run this country. I wonder how our country will survive.

      As always it is good to hear from you. Thank you for reading, commenting and providing feedback. As always your input is valued and appreciated.

      Thank You and All My Best,


    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hello Max Havlick,

      You have made several assumptions about my article which are incorrect.

      1) I am do know about the Clinton Global Imitative as I have friends that work for that organization and it is dangerous work. It is not a criticism it is a fact. My friends have deployed all over the world as NGO(s) admittedly mostly as surgeons and they have warned the rest of us not to join because of the dangers associated with that organization. So it isn't ignorance it is common sense. Did you know about the hangings of NGO(s) in Tanzania a couple of years ago? And there is a balance because I do offer other ways which are less dangerous and pay a bit better for young people to travel and engage in more constructive venues.

      And it is not easier to criticize what someone else is trying to do but more over to recognize a pattern of an organization which is over paid and highly ineffective. I live next to Haiti. Mr. Havlick you should spend a weekend in Haiti building homes for children without limbs before making such statements. We are still sending people in that country and it is still a disaster and no one knows where the all the money has gone to. So I can't be happy about CGI when the monies paid to it haven't reconstructed Haiti and that country is still a complete wreck. There is nor excuse why children should have had to have their limbs amputated with no anesthesia.

      2) I think I have been abundantly clear that I believe the USA should embrace isolationism. 500 billion dollars to Pakistan when it was housing Osama Bin Laden was a lot of money to a country that was hiding someone we were looking for. I don't consider 1/2 a trillion dollars a small amount of our national budget. And again it was another surgeon friend who attended Harvard who did relief work in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all over the world that told me relief programs are very ineffective.

      3) Can you see how presumptious it is for you to think I am on any side of any political party? I am a free agent. I write for both audiences. This particular hub was for Conservative Republicans. I have also written for Democrats. What you did read my hub on Barack being the new FDR or about Michelle Bachmann and the HPV shots? What I write is not me. It is about my audiences. So in away I am write that my hubs aren't being read by Democrats because if they were it would be clear I write for both parties. I am trying to inform the electorate so they get involved in the election.

      4) A Flat tax on the middle class and the wealthy is a none starter. A billionaire pays literally no taxes. They pay tax penalties like Mr. Clinton although his organization is a non-profit so no taxes at all. Very few millionaires pay taxes either hence they stay millionaires. So what we are talking about is an elevated tax on the middle class which is extinct because of flat regressive taxes across the USA that is completely shutting down our economy. So what was Clinton advocating equal taxes on the rich who don't pay taxes but tax penalties as compared to the equal taxes on the extinct middle class?

      Mr. Havlick you have been to Harvard so you understand that sometimes it is a lot of fun to take completely indefensiveable sides of an issue and argue a defense for them. It is rather Greek to do so as there are always qualifications to be made. I enjoyed your questions as they allowed me to make qualifications and bring further luminate this subject further. And it is another assumption you understand the true intention of this article which is not against the CGI at all.

      I would have thought you would have understood I was doing just that. But I guess I am guilt of making assumptions about you as well. And it is another assumption you understand the true intention of this article which is not against the CGI at all.

      Thank you for reading, following, taking the time to comment and providing feedback. Your commmets are appreciated and valued.

      All My Best,


    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 6 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      I appreciate your passion, JT. You have such obvious intellectual gifts and communicative energy that your lack of balanced objectivity raises questions.

      1. Is it worthy of your talent to criticize so absolutely something like Clinton's Global Initiative (and other aspects of Amer. political culture) and show resentment but little actual knowledge about it? Isn't it always easier to criticize what someone else is trying to do?

      2. Do you now know that so-called foreign aid uses only a minute part of the national budget? And that each use is backed up by enormous amounts of real, "on the ground" information and scholarly assessment about what best can serve American interests in a complex world?

      3. Can you not see how presumptuous it is for you to criticize Democrats for not reading your hubs before making their decisions?

      4. Re. politics in general, would you not agree that policy mistakes are sometimes just mistakes that do not signal malfeasance, misguided priorities, or even ignorance (except, perhaps, in hindsight)?

      Finally, I think you will find that Clinton did not advocate the "flat tax" (where everyone has the same percentage, he's not Malcolm Forbes), but that the total amount contributed by rich and middle class should be roughly the same.

      Please take these comments constructively, as I continue to salute your energetic communications about vital subjects.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Charity begins at home... Flag up!

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      HI Peter,

      Yes foreign aid is such a huge scam in the USA and it just makes everyone around the world hate us. It costs more than it will ever provide because the adminsitration fees are so high. If Obama wants to rasie revenues tax charities!!!

      Charity has to begin at home now in the United States. We need to move back to an isolatist model and preserve our economy from hyper inflation caused by shipping produce all over the world and the national or flat regressive tax needs to be eliminated. I couldn't believe Clinton advocated for a flat regressive tax but then again he is a billionaire before he is a leader. I wonder if they realize we know out here that every word dripping from their mouths is filled with disdain and contempt for the American people.

      Nothing was more humbling then witnessing all of Hollywood raise all of that money for Haiti and then to speak with people who worked in the relief business who said there were no supplies, No anesthesia, no surgical tools, no food, no homes....nothing. Hollywood just pocketed that money and walked away form Haiti. Literally children had their limbs cut off without the benefit of anesthesia even though Hollywood could well afford to pay for it out of their own pockets and then raised all that money that went where? Probably to pay for George Clooney's Mansion in Italy. You know they don't mention Haiti anymore. We still have people going down there to help and it is still a disaster and that is right in our neighborhod. I would have to say Haiti could have far better used the 500 billion dollars paid to Pakistan who was hiding Osama Bin Laden then Pakistan.

      But who am I kidding we need 500 billion dollars in the town I live in because it was hit by two horrible hurricanes in 2004 named Frances and Jeanne in which the Federal Government and FEMA did absolutely nothing to help anyone. People are devastated in New England after Irene. It is time to tend our own garden only.

      Thanks for the read, comment and for providing feedback.

      All My Best,


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Clinton does not want to be out of work either. The whole foreign aid scam is a huge conflict of interest for most of the people involved. You are correct, let's keep our money here in our country for the folks who really need it first. Then we can worry about other countries. Good write up, Thanks your friend ,