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Why Call Center Outsourcing Continues to Flourish in the Philippines

Updated on February 4, 2010


Despite the ongoing problems on recession, call center outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines. The continuous upsurge of jobs in the Philippine call center industry provides employment to virtually thousands of capable individuals. It seemed, therefore, that the Philippines is one of the countries that continues to enjoy a good employment rate while other nations have reported lay-offs.


The call center industry in the Philippines has a strong hold on the outsourcing market. The Philippines is eyed by many foreign businesses as an excellent venue for their marketing and outsourcing needs.


Reasons Why Call Center Outsourcing Continues to Flourish in the Philippines

There are several reasons why call center outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines. One of these reasons is the competence of the Filipinos in the use of the English language. Filipinos working in the call center and business process outsourcing industry are English experts and can well converse with clients with an American accent, making them the more in demand in the call center market.

Another reason why call center outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines is that Filipinos are able to deliver high quality work at the designated time. They are able to live up to the expectations of the foreign clients. Because of the stellar performances of the Philippine call centers, more and more clients prefer to outsource their work to the Philippines. Among the key players of the call center industry are Convergy’s, Teletech, Accenture, Sykes and LWS Media. Most of these call centers are located within the vicinity of Metro Manila, the Philippine capital city.

Filipinos are known to be hard-working, courteous and efficient workers. These factors add up to the reasons why call center outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines. The friendly atmosphere imbibed by Filipinos as well as their dedication to work is well appreciated by clients from all over the world.

Still another reason why call center outsourcing continues to flourish in the Philippines is the low rates offered by the Philippine BPO industry. Philippine call center companies offer affordable rates to their foreign clients. On average, clients may only pay a range of $8 to $10 to a Philippine call center agent in exchange for high quality services. This is a big cut off to the hourly rates of call center agents in the US which may reach up to $25 or $35 per hour for the same amount and quality of work.

The continuous progress of the business process outsourcing and call center industry in the Philippines provides thousands of jobs to Filipinos. The call center industry is among the many industries in the Philippines that provide jobs and financial security to the Filipinos. The companies in this industry provide jobs even to fresh graduates. In addition, they are also known to provide competitive and above average compensation to their workers. Because of the above industry level compensation that call center agents receive, they are more inclined to perform their work better and to continue providing satisfaction to clients.


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    • profile image

      erwin 2 years ago

      I agree on these you have any article on how much is the cost and roi of establishi g a call center here in the philippines?just want to have an idea for a fesib study in school

    • MangBerto08 profile image

      MangBerto08 6 years ago from Philippines

      nice hub man. I love to read hubs about the industry I work with. anyway, you can also check out my hubs, it's also about call centers here in the Philippines.

    • cartergarth24 profile image

      cartergarth24 6 years ago

      Truly in business aspect, call center outsourcing is a great investment.

    • edmondpogi profile image

      edmondpogi 7 years ago

      i think one of the main reason is that the Philippines has a cheap labor cost.

    • profile image

      bpo services 7 years ago

      As per latest survey India and Filipinos are the best hub for Bpo Call Center Outsourcing. Because of this being huge number of qualified professional and provides quality services very less price.

    • profile image

      BB 7 years ago

      If only Filipinos could fix their weird accent when speaking English, which puts the emphasis on the wrong syllables within words, then the Phillipines would be unbeatable.

    • profile image

      call centers Services 7 years ago

      Yes........I do agree that India and the Philippines are among the largest outsourcing services for telemarketing.

      That's due to well trained representatives , latest call center technology and continually reviews presentation, sales, and communication skills.

      Call Center India - CCI, a reputed and fast growing BPO call center outsourcing center which is equipped with all latest call center technology and committed to provide 100 % Customer support services.

    • rohankiss profile image

      rohankiss 8 years ago from Philippines

      @laurence: you can find related literature for your research paper by googling it out. Use the search engines in finding related literature. Just type your keywords, i.e. "reasons why most college graduate work in call centers" and you'll be shown to a number of online references. hope this helps.

    • profile image

      laurence 8 years ago

      can u plsss show me how to create a research paper and my topic is reasons why do most college graduate work in call center and plsss give mw sone sites were i can browse on to find the related literature tnx

    • bpo-outsourcing profile image

      bpo-outsourcing 8 years ago

      yes I agree of what you have stated..Filipinos are very good in communication skills, know how to handle clients and dedicated to their work that's why any nationality they want a Filipino workers..I have also some information gather hereOutsourcing

    • bpo-outsourcing profile image

      bpo-outsourcing 8 years ago

      Way to go! This hub is an inspiration to the outsourcing industry!