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Why I Like Selling Old Books On Amazon And Ebay

Updated on November 13, 2012
Some very old books!
Some very old books! | Source
A wall of antique books, probably worth quite a bit!
A wall of antique books, probably worth quite a bit! | Source

I Love Selling Old Books

There are so many reasons why I prefer to sell old books, specifically on Amazon. I sell a wide range of books and other media on Amazon, but my favorite items to list are always old books. They have several advantages if you can get over the minor disadvantages. In this hub I will discuss a few reasons why I prefer them over their newer friends that have bar codes. I also wrote a hub about things to consider before buying old books for resale here.

1) Less Competition

There is much less competition when you are selling older books. The older you go, the less competition you get, but generally speaking, there is a large drop in competition when you go to pre bar code, and then pre ISBN. Many people don't bother to look up an ISBN that they can't scan. Even fewer bother to look up a book that does not have an ISBN. As a picker who searches all over for vintage, antique, and unusual, these older books are naturally something I always take the time to examine closely for value.

2) Higher Prices

Generally speaking, if it is a book worth getting, it will be worth a lot more than a common, modern book. The most expensive books I have ever sold have been unique, rare, and did not have bar codes on them. These books have a limited selection and high price because they are rare and sought after. The higher price justifies the hard work, and the hard work probably means that sellers want to get every penny worth for their extra time and effort.

3) Unique Looks Or Title

I recently found an old book that was a satirical work about etiquette. It's very silly and has very odd art work on the cover. None of the older books are computer generated or photo shopped. There is a lot more original artwork that really stands out and makes for an interesting and appealing cover. These books just seem to have more character, and so they are always welcome to have sitting on a book shelf until they sell. Some old books may be leather bound, or even have gold leaf on them. I have a few from the mid 1800s and they look very nice but are very delicate.

4) Set It And Forget It

I don't have to constantly adjust the price of my book, because nobody else does. Due to the lack of competition, it is not cutthroat like it is when selling newer books. I very rarely change the price of my older books because my competition very rarely changes theirs. This makes it a whole lot easier to manage! Sometimes it will take over a year to sell some of the older and slow books, but it is always a pleasant surprise when one of them sells because it is usually an unexpected bonus for that week.

5) Your Personal Library Collection

Due to my treasure hunting for books, vintage, and antique, I have come across so many strange and collectable things. One of my favorite things to collect is old books. I have an old book called "Dr Chases recipes or information for everybody" from I believe 1862. It has recipes for grinding up frog to make cream that you are supposed to rub on you for an aching back. I would not have found this common but fairly desirable, and reasonably valuable book had I not been searching the old book section. This is just another reason why I love selling old books, because you often find nice books that you will want to add to your personal library!

I hope you enjoyed this hub! If you liked it would you subscribe for more? Do you love treasure hunting, selling on Ebay, or just learning about cool vintage stuff? Check out my youtube channel for tons of videos about my adventures and hauls as well as tips, tricks, and countless bits of information!

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    • PickingProfits profile image

      PickingProfits 5 years ago

      Thanks for checking out my hubs! I have only just a few books in my library collection but I'm sure in time, their numbers will grow!

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Very interesting hub....well done! I have been selling books on eBay, AbeBooks, and occasionally Amazon, for more than ten years now and, for me, it never gets old. I love books...especially older volumes. I specialize in signed first editions and that is my business but my passion is collecting books for myself. I love history and my personal collection contains thousands of volumes that I just can't do without......(at least that is what I tell my wife when I acquire a new "must have") I enjoy book selling but I love book collecting. I enjoyed your hub and will be taking a look at your other ones. Voted this hub up.