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Why Startups Shouldn’t Give up on Remote Workers

Updated on June 28, 2018
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Kachi Grace is a graduate of Communication Arts, with highly developed and sensitive interest in health communication and entrepreneurship.

Work Smart, Save More and increase Efficiency

While business last, challenges will continue to abound. The entire business sphere is continually surrounded by unique and dynamic challenges specific to each of the business types. While the big business enterprises may have established strategies to deal with unforeseen circumstances, the small businesses or startups may bear the risk of standing on one foot or falling out totally. This article is meant to help startups and ofcourse small businesses to re-Orient and strategize their work system to enable them pass the test of time in business.

The journey as a startup is never an easy one but it becomes easier than you ever thought if you embrace collaboration as a work strategy. A great way to insert collaboration in business is to outsource.

What is Outsourcing?

Simply put, outsourcing means to delegate a task to someone outside the confines of the organization for some benefit. It is a very efficient way of hiring a potential laborer to perform a demanding task. A person to who a task is outsourced is known as a remote worker or virtual assistant. Their activities vary with the kind of task they perform. This means that remote workers exist in the different field of tasks. Remote workers work from their place of convenience and can serve as many that need their services.

Why Startups need to outsource tasks to remote Workers

There are good number of reasons startups should outsource some tasks to remote workers, consider the following;

Promotes Efficiency/Speed

It is good to work hard but wise to work smart. For Startup to meet up in business they need to outsource their weakness. There is no rule that says you must hire an in-house programmer, designer, writes etc. You must learn to outsource the missing and relevant cord that your business urgently needs to stand strong. You must not do everything. Time is money in business. If you spend a good time engaged in multi-tasking you may end up achieving almost nothing.


One of the answers to bridging the information gap saga is adopting collaboration. Outsourcing enables startups to join hands with career workforce towards achieving a set task. Outsourcing pressing tasks to remote workers establishes a collaborative work force between the both parties. A programmer for instance who is working on the back-end of a project may outsource the front-end to a remote programmer. What happens is, it reduces the intellectual stress on one person. They both contribute their ideas and creativity to the project.


Due to the limited number of personnel in startups, the level of ideas generated is also limited to that number. However, outsourcing supports flexibility of ideas, styles and creativity. It also save you the risk of limiting ideas to your main workforce. When you outsource a task, you can only tell the remote worker what you want him to do, not how to do it. From his wealth of ideas and experience, am sure you know what to expect.


It is also interesting to know that outsourcing isn’t just a business strategy; it is also a business relationship. Such relationships help startups to partner in business with experts and authorities in that area of business.

In conclusion, working smart is a key survival strategy for any business whether big or small. Being a startup is not enough excuse for not competing with big organizations; after all they were once startups. You ought to take extra steps ahead of your capability to make a significant impact in the business world. The lesson just ended for the day, now get to work.

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