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Why You Should Live Life To The Fullest

Updated on August 28, 2017

Humanity at this point has a wide arrange of things to do, from movies to games, to horseback riding and listening to your favorite tunes, everyone has something they like. We as humans are a social group, interacting with one another quite alot while some exceptions may come.

With many things we can do there will be many people who claim you should not do something, don't drink or go out and party. There will nearly always be someone here or there saying such things but when it comes down to it there are reasons, some such as drinking to much can cause bodily problems which is well and good to take into account.

Moderation, it means taking things in certain amounts that don't overwhelm. Going out for a night on the town with friends, maybe to a club or local bar? Drink in moderation, everything should come in it.

Now to get to the living part. Humans live to an average of close to fifty years, so says the almighty Wiki, but many factors can reduce that rate. And in all honesty things like getting injured and what not will happen no matter how many precautions come into play. There was a saying I heard once which i enjoyed, "I would rather live a short life of adventure and happiness then a long and fruitless one." It is a nice saying since many people would like to live for a long time and chances are while some might they don't take any chances.

Now doing alot of drugs or becoming a daredevil might not be a good chance to take but doing things you haven't done is well worth the risk. Skinny dipping with a lover, going on a road trip with friends, sky diving or river rafting. Life isn't just about working all day or going to school, we aren't meant to work are fingers to the bone and then simply die. Life is not life without a bit of adventure. We cannot truly live on a simple daily grind, well some might be able too.

If we were to simply work all day, every day, every year we would not even be human we would simply be parts of a machine. Going out for a drink, going for a dip in a hot tub, simply staying in with a few friends to watch some TV. Living life is exploring, doing something adventurous, or simply doing things you enjoy.

Live your life with a sense of wonder and excitement, even after the working day is done the possibilities of finding things to do can be explored and lead to a variety of things that can be accomplished.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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