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Why are Custom Business Cards are Too Expensive

Updated on August 7, 2012

Nowadays, making custom business cards is relatively easy. Thousands upon thousands of business card designs are available online. Some of these customized business card sites also offers tutorials and advice on how to download and modify the existing design to suit the person planning to use the particular business card.

Many individuals or start-up businesses who want to employ business card marketing will surely grab the opportunity to utilize free custom business cards available on the web. The main reason for this is to save on cost. They seemingly believe that using free online custom business cards will save up some revenue and will give them some extra knowledge about business card designing and customization. Simply put, these people would go for free online custom business card designs because employing a business card design and print provider are too expensive.

Unfortunately, the little amount that is apparently saved on the initial stages may actually hurt in the long run. Any person or company (usually SMEs – small and medium enterprise) who is serious about their business and business card marketing strategy would surely employ the services of a professional. Needless to say, the business card represents the person or the company whose information appears on the card. The business card design is a reflection of the professionalism and quality of the entity behind it. It is no job for amateurs or for someone who wants to experiment business card design and customization. Besides after the design process, you have to know what type of material the custom business card should be printed on. And again, choosing the right material should be better left for the professionals.

Custom Business Cards How To’s

Custom business cards may appear simple, but the fact is, it is an intricate process. The first thing to do is to know your budget and its limits. With the current technology, numerous business card design and printing companies are available on the market. This means that competition between these companies is quite stiff. Hence, most business card design and printing providers offer inexpensive yet reliable service.

However, it is important to remember that business card design and printing companies offer different services or packages at different costs. Some may offer industry standard features while others can provide other services with additional expense.

In choosing a company, be sure to check out:

  • The package they offer
  • Different customer reviews for the company (if any)
  • What is the cost of design and printing? Is it bundled or separated?
  • Do they charge for revisions?
  • Are the designs reusable?
  • What kind of printing methods do they use?
  • What kind of card stocks to they have?
  • Do they offer fancy business cards – custom shape, printed on PVC (plastic), etc…

The questions and information above will help determine how much you will allocate in ordering a custom business card and it will also help in determining a reliable business card design and printing company.

Now that you know your budget limits and probably the company that you will employ, the next step is to know your design and discuss it with the company. If you already have a design in mind or have already chose one from the internet, discuss this with the custom business card designer. Ask his or her professional opinion. Questions like “is this design too much or too simple”, “will this design overshadow my contact information”, “is this too colorful or extravagant”, etc… For sure the custom business card designer has done this before and would be able to implement the idea that you have in mind.

It is also important to note that some individuals or companies would ask the custom business card designer if the design is common or has already been used by a competitor. Needless to say, business cards are better if it is unique as the whole purpose of business cards is to make an impression on the recipient, captivate them that they would not throw away the custom business card, and retain the information on the business card if ever they will need you or your company’s services.

After discussing the type of design that you want for the custom business card as well as its associated cost, the next thing to consider is design revisions. Business card design revisions are common and important because of two things:

  • If the first batch has not resulted to positive effects.
  • Due to cultural variations (for the benefit of those who are not aware, different countries have different business card standard sizes. For those who have business in Japan and China, this is a very crucial thing to consider).

Be sure to review how much business card design revisions will cost and how long it would take to finish.

Lastly, discuss the type of material most suited for the business card not only to represent you but as well as for its intended audience. Nowadays, fancy materials for business cards are common and many business cards printing are no longer printed on traditional card stocks. Some business cards are printed on metal, wood, and transparent plastic. Be sure to include the material while discussing the overall budget cost.


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