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Reliable Open House Marketing Products

Updated on August 7, 2012

Open House Marketing That Works

Advantages of open house marketing products are still applicable and can still generate a sale. Some may argue, some may agree, but the fact remains that real estate open house marketing is still effective, especially if it is done correctly with the right open and correct house marketing products. Just like any activity that needs customer approval and acceptance, the right amount of preparation and advertisement is necessary. Hosting a successful house even depends on many factors that may include the right open house marketing materials, the right amount of marketing and promotion, sufficient research.

Selling a house is never easy. Make sure to do the some homework and try to answer a couple of commonly asked questions during open house marketing events:

Is my listing priced correctly and competitively?

Over priced and exaggerated items hardly sells. Naturally, this is also applicable to the real estate industry. However, a slightly higher price than your true asking price wouldn’t hurt in case some potential buyers would want to haggle the amount.

How many clients can I expect and what type of people are they?

Expect the maximum number of attendees that you can handle as this will help you prepare for the right number of featured sheets or flyers that will be given out to the actual event (more info on the latter part of the post). If you are planning to give out perks or some form of small gifts, this information would surely be handy.

Will I meet future buyers or other sellers during the event?

It all depends on the impression that you’ll make if a potential buyer is among the audience. If you do meet other sellers, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some additional tips and advice.

Can I meet potential buyers to my other listings?

If you are a real estate marketing agent then it would be advisable to be prepared for anything. A person may not be interested on the current house but might be the future buyer of your other listings.

How can I drive (more) people to the event?

Audience of open houses often includes or is limited to people that you know and to the local community. To drive more people to the event, use the right real estate marketing materials and excellent advertising execution.

Open House Marketing and Advertising

Nowadays, advertising and marketing has never been easier (and much cheaper) with numerous tools available. The printing and design industry has greatly improve with proper utilization of digital technology. Different companies like Egency are now able to provide reliable services at inexpensive cost. Be sure to abuse opportunities like this to drive audience to your open house event at a much grander scale.

Excellent open house marketing materials and advertising are outdoor banners and posters. Be sure to consider the type of materials to be used since the glare of the sun can affect visibility of the material. Flyer distribution at busy section of the city is also essential – malls are great places to distribute flyers, promotion sheets, and business cards. Lastly, internet marketing is a must. Not only does it capture a much broader audience but also projects seamless integration of traditional and modern marketing. Internet marketing may include posting on social networking sites, announcing the event on numerous online forums, and broadcast it to your email contacts.

During the actual event, open house marketing materials that should be given to the attendees are:

  • Copy of the property listing.

For reference and information of the audience.

  • List of what is included and excluded from the asking price.

Again, for reference and information of the audience.

  • Outside pictures that are taken at different seasons of the year.

To make an impact and impression. For those who didn’t notice, open houses are still an advertising event. Take great photos of the house during different seasons. This will give the audience a general idea of how the house will look all year round.

  • Amenity map and an aerial view.

As mentioned, technology is a great ally for marketing purposes. Using Google maps, Microsoft Sheets, or any other similar program, give the audience an idea on where the place is located as whereas nearby amenities. This is extremely beneficial as it will improve their decision to buy the house.

  • Renovation, enhancement, and improvement list. (including cost)

It is also nice to give the attendees an idea of what are the improvements done on the property. This will tell them that the house is properly maintained. If the enhancement made is a bit expensive, include the cost to justify why is it added to the selling cost of the house.

  • Floor plan and lot area.

For reference and information purposes. Some clients would want a general idea of how the lot looks and its dimensions.

  • Guest registration

For tracking and safety purposes (but mostly for traceability). Be sure to ask such details as contact number, email address, and their location. This will allow you to contact them in the future – in case you will be hosting another open house event.


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