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Why buy one,get one free is the solution for consumers?

Updated on April 18, 2013

Let us face it,the world's most economies are performing badly.Unemployment is a pain in the neck in most countries.Greece and Cyprus are facing economic woes at the moment.In UK the latest figures of unemployment is at 7.9% the highest for more than a year.The hardest hit by unemployment are the youth who should be the backbone of every vibrant economy.America has its equal share of unemployment as well.

The wage is not rising but services are going up at a faster rate than the wage.This leaves households without disposable income.If households don't have enough to spend,the economy is also likely to suffer.As the tough gets going,the consumers are cornered.Their budgets are squeezed and they still need food on their tables.Can they cry all night long without finding a solution? Obviously no.The best way forward for the consumer is to be resourceful.They should make do with buy one,get one free promotions.

Buy one,get one free promotions are conducive to the current economic climate.It is humbling to suggest this idea because it has more benefits to the consumer whose budget is squeezed.Buy one get one free offers consumers lower and affordable deals.It enable consumers to have abundant supply of a variety of foods which can feed a family.If consumers shop around they can get their monthly food needs through buy one,get one free.Buy one,get one free is a magical way of saving. Instead of buying one item the consumer ends up with two.Indeed two items at one go makes economic sense.

Buy one,get one free promotion is also good to the environment. It is a greener way of buying. Buying two items in one pack saves packaging costs and spares the environment from pollution. This method avoids the use of many plastic bags for packing items.If small tins of sweet corn are packed in one bag,it is a good way of going green.

Buy one,get one free reduces monthly expenditure.It enable consumers to have disposable income for a holiday or to plough back into the economy by spending it on other things which revives the economy and end up creating new jobs for the unemployed youth.

Buy one,get one free is ideal for the consumer,it enable the consumers to control the quantity of essential food items they need.There is no way consumers can buy food items which have reached the expiry date because the items sale quickly before expiry date.Most buy one, get one free products are not perishable.Consumers can store as much food as they want in their pantries for future use and it is good value for money.Examples of foods which are available as buy one ,get one free are rice, oats porridge noodles,pasta and sweet corn to name a few.The market is awash with these products both on the internet and in Pound shops and many others.

Buy one,get one free tends to promote health eating habits because one can purchase two items of value to the body at one go.One can consume it for some time whilst benefiting from the nutrients it offers.In a nutshell, buy one,get one free promotion is consumer friendly in that it helps an individual to create a food bank for the future.It cuts fuel and regular trips to the shops. It enable consumers to save some money.There is no harm in trying this method of buying on your next trip to the supermarket for grocery.


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