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Why did I lose rating stars on Helium?

Updated on July 26, 2012

Helium rating star

Rating Stars on Helium

This hub is for all of you Helium writers looking for an explanation to why your rating stars are decreasing instead of increasing. I decided to write this hub when I logged into Helium to see that I had no rating stars after I spent many hours rating other articles.

For those who don't know, Helium is an article writing website where you can write articles and earn money. As a Helium writer, you earn Writing Stars and Rating Stars. Like many of us already know, you need to have rating stars to be able to earn revenue share from Helium.

How many rating stars do you need to earn money?

When I first started writing for Helium, I didn't even know that I needed to rate articles to qualify for revenue share. It turns out that you need to have at least one rating star to earn any sort of residual income from your Helium articles. When I did realize that I needed to rate other articles to earn rating stars, I just figured the more articles that I rate means the more rating stars I would earn. This is not correct. The quality of your ratings is what counts at Helium. It isn't the quantity of articles you rate, it is the quality of how you rate other articles.

Of course, I figured that it wasn't fair that I just spent hours rating helium articles and after logging back into Helium later, my one and only rating star disappeared. Why did my rating star disappear? I went into panic mode and searched for why my rating star disappeared instead of me gaining five more rating stars. I guess my article ratings were not quality ratings.

Getting rating stars on Helium is a private algorithm that involves percentiles and quality of ratings so if you are also wondering why your rating stars decreased instead of increasing, then you should remember that there are a few factors to consider when trying to earn rating stars at Helium.

Below is just a brief summary of what I found when I researched information about rating stars on Helium and how to earn and keep the rating stars.

Awesome would equal 5 rating stars on Helium.

Fabulous would equal 4 rating stars on Helium.

Superb= 3 rating stars on Helium

Really Good= 2 rating stars.

Admirable = 1 Helium rating star.

"Awesome. These members have consistently high rating quality, and they have completed more than 500 rates in the last 90 days. Fabulous. These members have consistently high rating quality, and they have completed from 300 to 499 rates in the last 90 days. Superb. These members have consistently high rating quality, and they have completed from 200 to 299 rates in the last 90 days. Really good. These members have consistently high rating quality, and they have completed from 100 to 199 rates in the last 90 days. Admirable. These members have consistently high rating quality, and they have completed from 10 to 99 rates in the last 90 days."

It has been a challenge to me to keep my one "admirable" rating star on Helium. I believe this rating system has room for approvement.

How many rating stars do you have on Helium?

Do you believe the rating system on Helium is fair?


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    • Rev. Rex profile image

      Rex Trulove 7 years ago from Northwest Montana

      It can take as few as 4 quality rates to get a rating star at Helium. What is a quality rate, though?

      First, it is important to understand why rating is important. The rating is done by fellow writers, and has the purpose of presenting the best quality articles Helium can, to the public. This helps all the writers, Helium, and the public.

      Quality in rating is important in this regard. A member could just rate the articles at random, but that would obviously not be quality, nor would it help anyone.

      This is where consistency comes in. If a person rates mostly on the basis of the number of typos, punctuation errors, and other errors, they should be consistent in it. This means that if one article is rated high because it has far fewer errors than the one it is compared to, then rates the next set and rates up an article filled with errors, it isn't very consistent and appears to be random selections.

      Likewise, if good content is the most important factor for a rater, they should be rating the same way with each of the articles, or if they can't (in either case), they should skip the rate and go to the next one.

      There should also be consistency in amount of rates. Rating just 5 sets a day, a matter of about 10-15 minutes usually, that is 450 rates in 90 days. These are also on a rolling window of time, figured daily.

      One of the most common mistakes is for a person to do binge rating. That is, they rate 20-30 one day, a couple the next, none the next, and so forth, so when the rolling window actually rolls, their total number of rates done in the past 90 days can abruptly drop by 20-30 rates, which can hurt rating percentage.

      It sounds difficult, but it isn't. There is also a great deal of help in regard to rating on the Helium Blog, in the Help Guide, and on the Community Forums. There is even one forum set up specifically for rating and rating questions.

      Each site, like HubPages, Helium, Associated Content, etc, each have rules, and at times, they can be confusing. However, they each also have forms of help that are available.

      To directly answer your last question, I've had at least 3 rating stars at Helium for the past 2 1/2 years or more. The more you do it, also the easier it becomes. There is a learning curve with any site like this.


    • Lily Rose profile image

      Lily Rose 7 years ago from East Coast

      Now that's exactly why you should be writing here at HubPages, Tammy, not there! No games here, it's all straight forward with great money-making potential...