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Why is it Important to Prepare your Resume and Interview - Things to Remember

Updated on December 12, 2012

Summerizing Your Resume

The education career in one’s life is coming to an end. A long journey of managing time and resources to position one’s self for future success comes down to the final step; achieving full time employment in your field of choice. Throughout the education career, many events and achievements have been carefully documented and assembled into a single sheet of paper: the resume. Resume building is the epitome of managing ones past experiences and organizing them into a single presentable piece of documentation. Important criteria that employers look for in a resume include; leadership, social collaboration, and determination. All of these characteristics fall into the field of management and can potentially identify a quality candidate for the job.

Once the resume is complete, one must organize their resources and investigate potential job opportunities. True management comes into play when keeping track of emails, notifications, interview dates, and potential employers. It is essential to stay organized at this point in life. Building a resume can consist of various activities whether required or extracurricular. It is the professional application to present a summary of your education and field of study opportunities and accomplishments. However, having a resume is not enough in itself.

Preparing and Managing Yourself for an Interview - What to Expect

Managing an interview is the next step in the endeavors to landing a full time career. An interview is a lengthy process that must be prepared for much time in advance. Involving one’s self in mock trials, or simply practicing with family or friends is a great way to manage your interviewing experience. Once your skills are honed, time management becomes more crucial than ever. Being slightly earlier, and never late for an interview is key to success. Time management has proven to be one of the major obstacles in attending interviews in a timely manner. It all comes down to one conversation that will vary from thirty minutes, to two hours depending on the interview process. Everything that has been worked towards, everything that has been managed thus far, come into effect now. Once the interview is over, and everything has been managed properly, success is to be waited upon. This process throughout the education career has now led into a lifetime of management opportunities and increased responsibility. Management has proven to be integrated into the fabric of modern society.


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