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How to Manage Your Job and Boost Your Career

Updated on December 12, 2012

The Global Network

One Thing Leads to the Next

More and more it is becoming evident that it is necessary to have had a job in order to get a job. This creates the necessity of acquiring an entry level job such that you will have some form of understanding before entering the more experienced job market. Part time jobs are a great way of earning some experience and extra funds while still attending class. While the job you accept may not be something related directly to your field, it can still provide invaluable real life experience and a chance to network with other members of the community.

Networking with Classmates and Co-workers

Networking is one of the most important things you can do while in school and in your job. In today’s working world, it seems to be more about who you know rather than what you know. showed using information produced by the US Department of Labor that 48% of workers found their position through word of mouth referrals. Going to lunch with coworkers and simply never eating alone can help create relationships that may prove fruitful later down the line. Many companies offer employee referral programs that provide an incentive to employees to hire well suited friends and acquaintances. If one is fortunate enough to acquire a position within their field of study, it can be very beneficial in the long run.

For example, a business student who was able to get a job within a bank stands to gain many benefits. They gain vital knowledge of the banking system which can be applied to other financial service jobs. Seeking out extra certifications and training is recommended especially if they are transferable to other career options. Depending on the job field you can gain customer service and general professionalism skills that can be applied to most of life situations regardless of if you are working. Also, students can manage their relationship with their employer and potentially gain a higher level position within the firm after receiving their degrees.

Why is my Job Important

While working your position, it helps to apply the theory that your job is to make your superior look good. Generally, the less maintenance you require as a worker and the good impression you establish upon your superior can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. You may gain a recommendation or job referral from the superior whose word can carry a heavy weight seeing as they have already observed your working patterns at the same time as the superior can advance positions because of you performing your duties appropriately. If you can distinguish yourself from others in a similar position, it can lead to advancement within the firm.

It is important to effectively manage your resources while on your career path. A part time job does no good for your resume if it takes up too much time from your studies. It is necessary to find a proper balance between employment and education in order to succeed. Each person can handle a different amount of pressure placed upon them so finding a flexible part time job that fits your schedule can be difficult. Finding the balance between work and school can lead to many years of successful employment in addition to a great entry on your resume while still attending classes.


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