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Wipro hires people with experience in networking

Updated on September 1, 2008

Wipro hiring networking people for their Alcatel pilot project

Hi Friends,

I just came to know about a good news which I want to share with you people.

Yes, Wipro is vibrantly searching for people for their Alcatel project. Three days back one of my friend attended the interview and he/she got selected. He/She has should report to Wipro on 23rd Sep.

Qualification required:

1)They need people with Good communication skill

2)Minimum the candidate should be an Engineering graduate(Discipline:Any)

3)Candidate should have minimum 1 year experience.

4)Through basic knowlege of networking concepts.

Interview Questions:

1) Introduce about yourself.

2) Mostly they will ask question on everything you mentioned in your resume.(Please include only genuine skills and experience).

3) Technical Questions:

  • What you mean by OSI? Functions of each layer in the OSI model?


You can find the complete answer in my other hub

  • Explain DORA process?

Complete explanation is available at my other hub.

  • What are the possibilites for an host to have an ip address of

Complete explanation is available at my other hub.

  • Some important port numbers?

Complete explanation is available at my other hub.

Various States of STP?






Find more information at my other hub

  • What are the classes of Ip Address and its range?

IP Adresse can be classified into five classes A, B, C, D and E. Each class consists of a contiguous subset of the overall IPv4 address range.


Class A 0-126

Class B 128-191

Class C 192-223

Class D 224-239 (Used for Mulicast)

Class E 240-255 (Used for Research and Education)

Private address range. to as self assigned ip)

Find more information in my other hub at

  • What you mean by subnetting and its advantage?

Complete explanation for this question will be available at my other hubs.

  • What you mean by Ip address and why it is necessary for an host to have an ipaddress for communication?

An identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network.

Why it is necessary:

The smallest subnet that has no more subdivisions within it is considered a single "broadcast domain", which directly correlates to a single LAN(local area network) segment on an Ethernet switch. The broadcast domain serves an important function because this is where devices on a network communicate directly with each other's MAC addresses, which don't route across multiple subnets, let alone the entire Internet. MAC address communications are limited to a smaller network because they rely on ARP broadcasting to find their way around, and broadcasting can be scaled only so much before the amount of broadcast traffic brings down the entire network with sheer broacast noise. For this reason, the most common smallest subnet is 8 bits, or precisely a sing octet, although it can be smaller or slightly larger.

  • What are the different Routing protocols?

Complete explanation will be available at my other hubs

  • Define VLAN and its uses?

Complete explanation will be available at my other hubs

These are questions aked in the interview. Prepare well and send your send resume to

All the very best my friend. If you feel this hub is very useful for you, please put in your valuable comments.


Karthick M


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    • profile image

      joseph 5 years ago

      hi karthick , its really superb.. please upload more question...

    • profile image

      dipple 5 years ago

      nice job man

    • profile image

      sai kiran 6 years ago

      hi karthick , iam a fresher also i do have knowledge on networking. I have completed ccna certification. Could you please refer me.

      My emai id is:

    • profile image

      prakash loganathan 6 years ago

      Hai Karthick tks for your valuiable information!to all!

      good job!

    • profile image

      sunil khanna 8 years ago

      hi karthik, my email id ""

      & i have 1 yr exp. in c-dot bangalore in networking feild NMS/EMS,java/j2ee.

      could you refer my CV ....

      i need job plz